MAKE IT STOP: The Louisiana Media Continues To Lie About How ‘Conservative’ John Bel Edwards Is

Even though Governor-Elect John Bel Edwards (D-Amite) is already moving to the left on issues, most notably dropping the work requirement which would force food stamps recipients to work, the Louisiana media is still driving the narrative that the new governor is a “conservative” Democrat.

In a Times Picayune article today, the headline shouted “Conservative Democrats hope John Bel Edwards’ victory means new direction for state party.”

The Baton Rouge Advocate and Times Picayune promoted Edwards’ supposed “conservative Democrat” heir that never actually existed, as it was simply a way to make him look less liberal than he is.

The Times Picayune goes on in today’s article saying that the very liberal Louisiana Democratic Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson is practically at odds with Edwards on many issues.

However, on election night a month ago, it sure did not seem that way when WWL-TV featured a segment of Peterson rambling for about two minutes about how much Edwards was going to help the Democratic cause in Louisiana and how much she adored his agenda.

The Times Picayune piece continues with a quote from a few Louisiana Democrats claiming that Edwards is the kind of Democrat that “our parents and grandparents used to vote for,” again shouting the message that Edwards is super and ultra conservative.

Then the closing quote of the article goes on and on about how Edwards is not a “liberal idiot.” Here’s that quote in full from Democratic activist Chris Roy Sr.:

“I think what John Bel has done is show that Democrats are not all liberal scaredy-cats. When I’m elected, I’m going to make the comment that it’s time for us to start realizing that with John Bel’s election and with what he’s going to accomplish, that he’s going to allow Democrats who were once in a majority to get back on that wagon without fear they’re going to be called liberal idiots who don’t know anything.”

Meanwhile, in reality, Edwards has already taken liberal steps forward before he is even governor. The first was a LGBT Executive order which really won’t do anything for the gay community in the state, rather it’s more of a gesture.

The second was a move by Edwards to drop the work requirements for the state’s food stamps program. Liberals have been proclaiming for months that a work requirement is not humane. However, welfare reform like the work requirement was first introduced by President Bill Clinton.

Most recently, Edwards’ appointed Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne is hinting at hiking taxes to fix the state’s massive budget deficit, that he says is far worse than anyone thought.

LGBT Executive orders, dropping welfare reform and possibly hiking taxes to fix a budget crisis are certainly not conservative ideas, and yet the media continues to claim Edwards is a new kind of “conservative Democrat.”

Is anyone really buying it?



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