Mitt Romney In One Tweet Shows Everything Wrong With The GOP Establishment

Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney sent out this tweet today.

What Lindsey Graham fight must carry on, Mitt? Is it the one that offers Democrat-lite proposals on everything from spending to amnesty? Is it the fight that has earned him a 36% from Heritage Action and 38% from Conservative Review? Is it the fight to erode civil liberties protections for the false illusion of security? There will be plenty of “conservatives” who will carry on that fight.

Is Lindsey Graham’s fight the one to send American troops to every Middle Eastern craphole and drag them into the 21st century? There isn’t anywhere in that hellhole that is worth a single drop of American blood.

Is it the fight to support Hillary’s war in Libya? Marco Rubio is also in that fight already. Is it the fight to send weapons to al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate? Marco too is in that fight.

There is a reason why Lindsey Graham never got 2% in any serious poll of Republican primary voters. That reason is because Lindsey Graham is not really a Republican. He’s a Democrat masquerading as a Republican to fool gullible voters in South Carolina. When he goes to Washington, he goes to work for K Street lobbyists and not the American people. There is nothing conservative about Lindsey Graham.

Average Republican primary voters know this and they reject the Lindsey Grahams. There is a reason why Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are leading the GOP presidential field. Republicans are sick of their party’s “leadership” because they seem more interested in representing K Street and big business instead of conservatives. All you have to do is look at the latest Paul Ryan budget deal to prove that.

Conservatives are tired of being used as doormats for guys like Lindsey Graham. They’re also tired of being lectured to by the Mitt Romneys when they reject the Lindsey Grahams.  We’re seeing this on a larger scale when east coast based “conservative” pundits, bloggers, and journalists are attacking Trump and Cruz voters and chiding them for not getting behind Marco Rubio. Conservative voters now have no patience for those who do the work of K street instead of supporting conservative values. The GOP primary polling shows that.

As for Lindsey Graham, good riddance he’s out of the presidential race. Too bad he’s still in the Senate though.




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