The Low Popahirum, December 1, 2015


In near freezing weather, Marco Rubio kicked off the next phase of his presidential campaign in an unheated barn that was so packed that many could only hear the Florida senator they had come to see.” – Politico

As the number of classified Hillary Clinton emails grew to nearly 1,000, they also reveal how freely she and her staff shared information on the Benghazi attacks including confirming the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens – and even celebrating her controversial hearing appearance where she asked, “what difference, at this point, does it make” what led to the attacks.” – Fox News

“When it turned out that Pennsylvania late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell was guilty of even worse butchery than the average abortionist, in that he (inter alia) also killed the children who survived his attempted abortions as opposed to merely those who didn’t, the media was infamously disinterested. Even when it turned out that fully grown women had died as a result of Gosnell’s gross indifference to human life, the media could not even be bothered to attend his trial. Even when it turned out that he victimized poor women in particular, refusing to provide them adequate anesthesia for their procedures in the name of penny pinching, the ‘media’ section of his courtroom was empty.” – Red State

President Obama is fond of telling Americans ‘that’s not who we are’ when admonishing them about not agreeing with his liberal principles, a new SuperCut shows.” – Free Beachon

Ted Cruz on Monday offered his strongest denunciation so far of Marco Rubio’s foreign policy views, assailing his Republican presidential rival as a proponent of “military adventurism” that he said has benefited Islamic militant groups. He even tied the Floridian to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.” – Bloomberg

“I saw the forty-second president of the United States leaving Starbucks one morning last week. Carrying their coffee, he and his single Secret Service escort could pass as ordinary locals. Bill, in jeans and a black T-shirt, looked dismayingly fit—Dorian Gray out for a stroll.” – The Federalist

“ONE evening early this summer, I opened a book and found myself reading the same paragraph over and over, a half dozen times before concluding that it was hopeless to continue. I simply couldn’t marshal the necessary focus.” – NY Times

“And you know how pro-American Middle Eastern Muslims usually are.

“For almost 15 years, former active duty Marine John Harkness stood just inside a Medina, Ohio, Walmart to collect donations for the Toys for Tots charity.” – The Blaze

“In his most apocalyptic language to date, Pope Francis told reporters aboard the papal plane returning from Africa that the COP21 climate change conference in Paris is the last chance for humanity to avert environmental destruction.” – Breitbart


John Bel Edwards is determined to save higher education and its future. Edwards spoke with Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus over the weekend in a keynote address for the Bayou Classic Scholarship Jazz Brunch.” –

New Orleans police arrested state Sen. Troy Brown Saturday night after he allegedly punched a woman in the face at the Hyatt hotel on the 14th floor.” –

“With all the controversy surrounding Les Miles’ job status with LSU recently, the Tigers have taken a small hit on the recruiting trail.” –

So if you are a fan of the reality show ‘Duck Dynasty’ then you will be happy to know that the reality series will be returning on A & E for another season in January of 2016.  It may come to a shock to a lot of industry insiders that the show will be back since the ratings have been on a steady decline the past few seasons.” –

Shell Chemical LP will develop a new linear alpha olefins manufacturing unit at the company’s Ascension Parish complex.” –

“Is La. headed toward recession?” –

“Security cameras caught a man in Acadiana stealing Christmas lights off of a house, and now a neighborhood is asking for your help in identifying the ‘scrooge.'” –

“As one of the most important archaeological sites in North America, Poverty Point was an ancient city built at a time between the construction of Egypt’s Great Pyramids and the Great Mayan pyramids. The complex site of ancient mounds in the northeastern corner of Louisiana was named a World Heritage Site in 2014.” – The Southern Weekend

Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards’ transition team is focusing on diversity as it begins the hiring process for the new administration, communications director Mary Patrica Wray said in a radio interview Monday morning (Nov. 30).” –

The case for, against LSU to play in Citrus, other bowls, and national projections” – The Baton Rouge Advocate



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