That “Climate Change Conference” In Paris Is Nothing But A Convocation Of Criminals

I’m on the Democrats-are-thieves kick this week, and it’s partially inspired by Dinesh D’Souza’s new book that all of you should read. But there is more to it than that. At some point you survey the scene, you look at what is in plain sight and you just come to a conclusion.

These people want your money, and they will do or say anything to get it. If they can scam you out of giving it willingly, they’ll do that. If they have to send men with guns, that’s fine as well.

It’s everywhere. You absolutely cannot escape it. It’s not just in politics, it’s in the culture. It’s in education. It’s in art. Literature. Science.

Yes, science.

The Left has perverted science, which has lifted the human race out of widespread poverty and slavery through the development of technology – it was science which gave us motorized transportation, long-distance communications, mass entertainment through broadcasting, the Internet, space travel, life-saving medical procedures and pharmaceuticals – in order to give them cover for the greatest attempted theft in the history of mankind.

“Climate change,” or “global warming” as they used to call it before they couldn’t convince anyone that the planet was actually warming, is nothing more than a fraud. It’s a humbug, a scam, a con.

The obvious tell for this is what’s being asked of you to fight “global warming” or “climate change.” The only way to combat this problem, the “experts” tell you, is to institute global socialism and mass wealth redistribution. It’s to transfer wealth from people who have it to people who don’t, with the “experts” in charge of managing the transfer.

We’ve already seen how much loot Al Gore has piled up plying this snake oil. It’s obvious that Barack Obama sees himself as a would-be arbiter of climate justice, and there can be little question but that he’s setting himself up to run the same kinds of scams as Gore is running when he leaves office. And the European political hacks and others converging this week on Paris for the global warming-fest are old pros at stealing from the productive classes in their countries and using the loot as currency for maintaining and increasing their own net worth and political power.

Why wouldn’t these people insist that “climate change” is real and a threat to the world? Why wouldn’t they sign on to the “solutions?” Those “solutions” are the things they’re after in the first place – of course they believe the theory which justifies them.

So take a look at this fraudster…

Understand that nothing – nothing – in that speech is true. None of it. Arctic ice is growing, not subsiding. There are no countries being swallowed by the sea. The only fields turning to wasteland are those declining because of stupid decisions by people who believe the things he believes, like for example the Central Valley in California which is being starved of water by Democrats who won’t irrigate it because of a baitfish they think is more important than people.

You tell the Big Lie, and you tell it authoritatively, and when you tell it you might get people to believe it and succumb to the scam.

Notice that neither Obama or none of the other fraudsters in Paris this week will tout “solutions” to global warming which involve hardening infrastructure against foul weather or coastal erosion, or creating infrastructure to move fresh water from places where it’s plentiful to places where it’s scarce (or to desalinate water where it’s necessary). None of them will tout “solutions” which involve creating products and services humans want, which will actually grow the economy and create wealth along with lessening environmental damage.

No, it’s all about creating policies which coerce people into coughing up the product of their own time and effort and productivity to governments which produce nothing but swag for those who run them and their clientele.

It’s crime on a grand scale, just like D’Souza discusses in his book.

And in the meantime Democrats and the Left are using every opportunity to project their evil onto those who disagree with them. After more than a year of the “social justice warriors” fomenting violence against the police and creating an atmosphere where lawlessness, envy and retribution are disguised as righteous indignation, they now seize on every ugly incident arising from that atmosphere or even tangentially related to it in order to push their own agenda. This you’ll see among the ghoulishness of the gun-grabbers who demand that you surrender your Second Amendment rights and lay yourself bare before the world’s worst people every time there is a high-profile shooting.

Why do they care whether you have a gun? Because if you don’t have one you’re not a threat to them. You’re far less likely to water the tree of liberty, as Jefferson postulated, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. When they demand of you things you do not wish to give them, the cost to them of forcing your compliance is less when you are not armed. And more, you become less capable of providing yourself with personal safety – and since you are more vulnerable, you become a far easier mark to be exploited for higher taxes ostensibly to pay for police protection or “softer” forms of crime prevention which are clearly a waste of your wealth (midnight basketball, public libraries in slum neighborhoods, etc.).

Ted Cruz, on Hugh Hewitt’s show tonight, caught a strong whiff of this coming off that terrible shooting in Colorado Springs and shot back at the Left with verve. Kudos to him for it, as he will be smeared as an extremist and a hater for telling the truth – that Democrats are soft on crime because criminals (the petty kind, rather than the Alinskyite mobsters who populate the ruling class of that party, though both qualify in this case) represent a key constituency within the Democrat Party. And that the vast majority of violent criminals are Democrats, and it’s not an accident for this to be true because the Democrats have embraced lawlessness, coercion and crime as a political philosophy, but the media – who is in the tank for Democrats – will never tell this truth. Instead, they will breathlessly present deranged lunatics like Richard Dear and Jarrett Loughner as out-of-control Tea Partiers with evidence whatsoever in order to project that lawlessness onto their political enemies.

Lies, and damnable ones at that.

But those are the small-scale lies designed to discredit those who would destroy their efforts to sell the Big Lies, the massive scams like Obamacare and Social Security, the rapid increase in food stamps and yes, Climate Change.

They’re after your money and your freedom, and they will stop at nothing to get it. They see what you have as theirs by right. You can either oppose them with such militancy as to frighten them away, or they will chisel away at you until you have nothing left and are dependent upon them for your survival.

It’s your choice. You have the power. Don’t give it away to them.



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