The Low Popahirum, December 2, 2015


Ben Carson took a tumble in the latest national poll, falling six points from last month in the Quinnipiac University survey, after weathering heavy criticism for his lack of foreign policy expertise and scrutiny about his personal tale of redemption.” – Politico

The U.S. is sending more special operations forces to help Iraqi and Kurdish forces battling ISIS, as well as capture or kill senior leaders of the terror network in Iraq and Syria.” – Fox News

To President Obama, ISIS is just a group of killers. The terrorists in Paris were not Muslims. They were just deranged gunmen. The men who flew the planes into the World Trade Center needed to be understood and their poverty alleviated. For that matter, Hillary Clinton thinks we need to empathize with them.” – Red State

“On Fox and Friends this morning Trump talked about ISIS and was asked about civilian casualties. ‘We’re fighting a very politically correct war,’ he said. ‘The other thing is with the terrorists, you have to take out their families. When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don’t kid yourself, but they say they don’t care about their lives. So you have to take out their families.'” – The National Review

Jeb Bush is grinding out his presidential bid in small towns across this early-voting state, backed by one of the largest campaign staffs and two months of TV ads.” –

The masters of Harvard’s 12 undergraduate residential Houses have unanimously agreed to change their title, a term that some students criticize as associated with slavery and has come under scrutiny as debates about racism take hold of college campuses nationwide.” – The Crimson

“Eleven months before the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump is the undisputed leader in the Republican field, as Dr. Ben Carson, in a virtual tie with Trump four weeks ago, drops to third place, according to a Quinnipiac University National poll released today.” –

“Many leading Republican officials, strategists and donors now say they fear that Mr. Trump’s nomination would lead to an electoral wipeout, a sweeping defeat that could undo some of the gains Republicans have made in recent congressional, state and local elections. But in a party that lacks a true leader or anything in the way of consensus — and with the combative Mr. Trump certain to scorch anyone who takes him on — a fierce dispute has arisen about what can be done to stop his candidacy and whether anyone should even try…” – Red State

“President Barack Obama is being accused of ignoring the true meaning of Christmas during a brief appearance on Monday night’s ‘It’s Your 50th Christmas, Charlie Brown,’ an ABC special commemorating the popular holiday classic, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.'” – The Blaze

Glenn Beck all but accused GOP presidential frontrunner and billionaire Donald Trump of being a ‘spoiler’ who is running for president to ensure Hillary Clinton wins the White House. Unlike Beck, Trump’s wealth and financial independence has convinced many voters that Trump would not be beholden to an assortment of special interests. But Beck even posited that Trump is running in order to get ‘massive payback’ from the Clintons.” – Breitbart


“Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards said publicly Tuesday afternoon (Dec. 1) that New Orleans Democrat Walt Leger is his pick for Louisiana House Speaker, though he was careful not to imply he would force his selection on the legislative body.” –

Louisiana Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards faces a daunting task in the fewer than 50 days between winning his election and taking office Jan. 11.” –

A St. Landry Parish grand jury has indicted the man accused of stabbing a woman to death and killing a Sunset police officer in August.” –

A would-be charter school in Louisiana might be rejected by the state because the school’s leader spanked her children on a reality television show. The whipping was shown on “America’s Supernanny,” on the Lifetime network.” –

LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva stood before the press soon after the Tigers’ 19-7 win over Texas A&M at the end of a long campaign. The results were in and he had suffered a humiliating loss. For three weeks events had seemed to break his way. Yet, despite $15 million in dark money, and a supportive local media providing comparisons of his adversary to a ‘natural disaster,’ Alleva had lost at the wire. He spoke slowly and without emotion as he acquiesced to what had been decided. ‘I want to make it very clear and positive that Les Miles is our football coach and he will continue to be our football coach.’ Alleva dropped his head and grimaced, “OK?” All that was missing was a softly weeping family at his side.” –

“In December of 1944, with the Allies seemingly rolling to victory, they had already liberated many European cities. Back home, Americans were making post-war plans.” –

“They’re one of the hottest gifts this holiday season, but could they pose a threat of fire or serious physical injury?” –

The decision — mental health need, really — to spend an extended Thanksgiving week outside the borders of Louisiana first meant a Tylenol-requiring negotiation with my two teenaged children. If perplexed that a plan to flee Baton Rouge for a turkey day week at the beach would become a John Kerry situation, then clearly you don’t have teenagers in your house.” –

“Pfizer Inc.’s plan to merge with Ireland-based Allergan Plc shows the ‘critical and urgent need’ to overhaul U.S. taxes, the Republican chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees tax policy said Tuesday.” –

Saints at Panthers” – The Baton Rouge Advocate



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