Apparently The City, NOPD Know Nothing About The On-Camera Vandals Who Poured Blood On A Monument

After the Hayride exclusively reported the on-camera vandalizing conducted by a group of protesters last weekend on a historical monument in the city, residents began flooding Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration and the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) with phone calls demanding action be taken against the individuals who vandalized the public space.

However, the answers they got was the equivalent to Landrieu shrugging his shoulders.

Apparently multiple residents called Landrieu’s office and asked them about the vandalizing of the Liberty Place monument, in which a man poured faux blood on the monument while protesters with the ‘Take Em Down Nola’ group watched and filmed it.

Residents all said the same thing, which was that Landrieu’s office said they had not heard anything about the incident for the protest and were directed to call the NOPD.

When residents called the NOPD, they were apparently told that the agency did not know anything about the vandalizing of the monuments, despite the story making national headlines yesterday.

Additionally, the city would have had to have had an idea about the protest (which also featured protesters draping a Ku Klux Klan hood on a statue outside of the city’s Court building), because in order to have a protest, the group would have had to have gotten a permit.

The permit process in New Orleans would have made city officials aware of the protests at four designated monuments in the city which the protest group targeted. Still, though, NOPD has not released a statement on the matter.

The grassroots opposition group to Landrieu’s plan to remove historical monuments in the city, Save Our Circle, condemned the vandalizing of the monuments, saying that they were “appalled” by the protests.

“Save Our Circle is appalled at the lack of concern for the law and public property displayed this past weekend displayed by the activist group Take ‘Em Down Nola,” the organization said in a statement.

“This past weekend, historic monuments were disgraced and vandalized by a small hateful activist group to spread their message of disrespect, unlawfulness, and disregard for the beliefs of others. We demand a criminal investigation begin immediately and arrest these so called peaceful protesters and reassure the City of New Orleans that lawlessness of any kind will not be tolerated. These violators of public property must be brought to justice.”

Tim Shea Carroll with Save Our Circle said the group plans to take legal action against the vandals. Meanwhile, the city and NOPD have yet to acknowledge the issue publicly.

The Monumental Task Force, a non-profit that conducts all the upkeep of monuments in the city with no charge to the taxpayers, will be left to clean up the mess this week.



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