GOOD GRIEF: And Now, The SmartBra

The good news is, this shows capitalism isn’t dead. It might be jumping the shark, though.

Because a FitBit isn’t convenient enough, now women will have a bra that monitors their heartrate while they’re doing yoga, or whatever.

Will there be a SmartBra for men? Will it be a SmartJock? Otherwise this is sexist, right?

Somebody will always be coming up with a gadget you don’t need and a line of BS to sell you on it. Hey, more power to them. All you need to say is no. It’s the people whose gadgets and lines of BS operate in the public sphere, where you don’t get to say no, who are dangerous.

We wish this company well with their smartbras. Maybe people might get some use out of them. They’re no sillier than automating wine-bottle openers or air-conditioned shoes.



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