NEW ORLEANS LIBERAL LOGIC: Focus On Meaningless Bureaucratic Technicalities And Avoid The Real Problems

Crime, deplorable race relations, gang culture and corruption.

Those are all the issues in New Orleans that go truly unspoken about by liberal pundits. Instead, they would rather focus on how oppressed they feel by Lee Circle and how pro-life signage offends them. Oh the horror of having to look at a 19 week-old fetus. What oppression!

From Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration, this kind of ‘focus on anything but the issues’ maneuvers are expected these days.

When the mayor of one of the most dangerous cities goes to meet with Pope Francis to talk about an issue that absolutely no one cares about (except white liberals) known as ‘climate change,’ it becomes expected that the man will talk about just about any issue but the real ones facing the city.

Little ‘ole Mitch, tossing and turning at night over those darn carbon emissions that are killing New Orleanians across the city! What courage he has!

It’s no longer just Landrieu anymore.

Last week, the Louisiana State House of Representatives voted on who will be the next state Speaker of the House, something that really only people who adore Baton Rouge politics care about, ie. the entire Baton Rouge Advocate staff. Ask anyone in the state who the state Speaker of the House is and they’ll probably answer back ‘We have a Speaker of the House for Louisiana? Since when?’

That’s how much people care.

Liberal bloggers went absolutely wild when one of their own, State Rep. Neil Abramson (D-New Orleans) apparently sabotaged another Democrat’s run for the Speakership. Instead, Abramson voted for a Republican House Speaker.

The big basis of talking and dedicating so much time towards Abramson not voting for a Democratic House Speaker is that he went against Gov. John Bel Edwards’ pick for House Speaker. That’s apparently really embarrassing. But, it’s only embarrassing to people who care (upper-class Baton Rouge politicos).

Otherwise, no one cares. But the liberal blogosphere acted like Abramson killed a baby. Actually, liberals would be perfectly fine with that considering infanticide is so chic among the pro-abortion Left.

Nonetheless, a slew of allegations have been made, about how Abramson abandoned his party and governor. Then there’s the liberal columnists over at LSU who keep telling us that “He has misused his office to benefit himself.”

Because it’s such a shocker to believe that a liberal would misuse their office to benefit themselves. Oh you mean, kind of like what Mitch Landrieu has done for his entire tenure in office?

And because liberals are so obsessed with the issue, the Orleans Parish Democrats are out and about denouncing Abramson, which could not be more amusing. It’s so fun watching liberals argue with each other. They’re like screaming children who disrupt church.

Besides that, there’s a Facebook page dedicated to Abramson’s recall election. Sure, go ahead and recall the guy. In fact, let’s recall every Democrat in the state. That idea sounds so much better.

But the odd thing about all of this is the outrage over a stupid vote that only matters in Baton Rouge.

Where’s the outrage about crime increasing some 200 percent in the city? Or the fact that the murder-rate is slowly ticking back up to pre-Katrina levels? Or the fact that a 20-something year old tourist was dragged six miles to his death in a French Quarter hit-and-run? Or the amount of corruption recently being exposed within the NOPD? Or the back-room deals taking place over the course of some 9-10 months over the removal of historical monuments? Or the fact that the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office is no longer going to be monitoring criminals using ankle bracelets?

Nope. No time to be outraged about those pesky issues! We’ve got to focus on the big problems like some no-name state Representative who voted against a Democrat for House Speaker!

However, when conservatives accuse liberals of not focusing on the real issues, liberals tell us ‘We can focus on two things at once.’ That’s exactly what Landrieu said when asked about crime as it related to the monuments issue.

Are we seriously supposed to believe this? The city can barely handle fixing pot-holes but we’re somehow supposed to believe that they can focus on every issue under-the-sun all at once because they’ve really proven themselves to be competent.

In the end, the real issues never get focused on anyway. Instead, city officials are too busy discussing how climate change is keeping wages down and how transgender bathrooms are a must. Got to keep the .0002 percent environmentalist and trans population of New Orleans happy!

Nevermind that you can’t leave your house in New Orleans without wondering if you’ll be shot to death, raped or robbed. No time for that! Meaningless bureaucratic technicalities take precedent over all problems!



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