Sean Payton’s Coming Back

So says a tweet from ESPN’s Ian Rapaport…

The press conference is going on right now.

Payton returning is probably the best thing for the Saints, as you’re just not going to find a head coach with the combination of swagger and playcalling brilliance he brings to the table.

The next best thing would have been Payton going somewhere else and that team having to part with oodles of draft picks to shower the Saints with in compensation.

Except that cuts to the major problem, which is that Mickey Loomis’ drafts and other acquisitions have been atrocious in the last several years, and if Loomis is going to continue to be the general manager who procures players for the head coach, there is little point in getting lots of draft picks for Payton.

You probably need Payton for this team to stay competitive. It’s not like the Saints are loaded with talent. There are a few good players on this team, but nowhere near enough. If it weren’t for Payton calling plays and Drew Brees running that offense to near perfection, this team would be 3-13.

Unfortunately, it’s probably going to take a couple of 3-13-type seasons to complete the rebuild the franchise needs. That’s likely going to be put off.

But the Saints are in terrible trouble with the salary cap for next year. They have so much dead money and cash wasted on bad players it’s unreal. And with their penchant for overpaying for awful players – Brandon Browner, C.J. Spiller and Jairus Byrd are perfect examples – one wonders how short of finding a slew of Willie Sneeds and Delvin Breauxs who play a number of positions on the field and will give strong performances for cheap pay, this team will return to playoff quality.

With or without Payton.

But it’s better to have him than not. This roster with a lousy head coach really would be a 3-13 team in the making.

UPDATE: Mike Detillier’s take…

With Sean Payton returning you can bank it that Payton got assurances from Loomis/Benson that they will extend the contract of Drew Brees for the next few years and restructure how the money is laid down on the salary cap.

Brees will return because it gives the team the best chance to win in 2016 and 2017.. Everyone thinking different does not know football.

Brees restructured his deal to help the Saints clear up money in 2015 to acquire TE. Michael Hoomanawanui from the NE Patriots.

Brees will get paid market value for a star QB.., but he has always said he will restucture and extend his deal. Now, after Brees can get a new deal…

Do what needs to be done to take this team back to the top… FIX THE DEFENSE…. This team is not just one player or two players away on Defense. Also this team needs to bring back Dennis Allen as defensive coordinator.

P.S. Bring back Curtis Johnson as the teams’ wide receivers coach.



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