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Ben Carson’s presidential campaign stumbled into the New Year, sinking in polls, bleeding cash and sidelining its senior leadership in favor of a new team. But bitter Carson allies and donors say a contributor to the campaign’s dysfunction remains in the inner circle: finance chairman Dean Parker.” – Politico

The Obama administration on Thursday quietly transferred 10 Yemeni detainees from the prison at Guantanamo Bay to neighboring Oman – so quietly, in fact, that the news was first reported by state-run Middle East news agencies. And once the news got to Capitol Hill, it set off alarm bells given the host country’s proximity to Al Qaeda’s most active branch.” – Fox News

“Every time there is an outbreak of Islamic violence directed against the West, the media sets up a full-court press on ‘islamophobia.’ This apparently happens anytime anyone says, ‘hey, maybe the underlying cause of Islamic violence and radicalism is, well, Islam.’ Several bizarre cases of that have come to light recently. After the San Bernardino shootings, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was more concerned about non-existent anti-Muslim “backlash” than about an investigation that might have prevented the attack being shut down because it thought there were violent and radical Muslims waiting to attack. There is the frequently expressed opinion that the slaughtered staff at the French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, had it coming for mocking Islam. Pam Geller was accused of being to blame for a terrorist assault on her “draw Mohammed” art showing as though killing people who offended you was acceptable and foreseeable. Now, in the aftermath of a widespread campaign of rape and sexual assault by Muslim men directed against European women over the Christmas and New Years holidays, the editorial board of the New York Times says our concern should be about the rapists not the victims and we should view it as a pleasant challenge:” – Red State

In the last month, the gap between the two top Democratic presidential contenders has narrowed in the state that will cast the first ballots of the 2016 race.” –

Chris Christie depicts Marco Rubio as a truant schoolboy. Jeb Bush’s top ally portrays him as a weather vane. Ted Cruz and his supporters characterize him as a nervous sellout who bowed to Democratic demands for ‘amnesty.'” – Washington Post

Ted Cruz ‘consolidates support’ among evangelicals, according to the Washington Post; evangelicals have ‘found their man,’ in Cruz, according to Slate; and he is “locking up the evangelical vote,” according to Politico.” – The Federalist

Gee, do you think Team Hillary is getting antsy about the Bernie Sanders’ early state poll momentum, and the dramatic narrowing of her national lead? And yes, I do mean dramatic:” – Townhall

“Jim Geraghty highlighted a fun bit of media trivia in today’s issue of the Morning Jolt and it involves a name familiar to most regular readers. Ed Schultz had his MSNBC show cancelled last summer as the network grappled with their tanking ratings, but his dozens of loyal viewers no doubt remained sure that he’d land on his feet. Turns out they were right, as the bombastic union supporter (and employee, though he never mentioned it on the air) has landed himself a job as an anchor at Russia Today’s American network. Here’s the video announcement:” – Hot Air

“Six Democrats in Georgia’s state House of Representatives unveiled a bill on Jan. 11 that would ‘require seizure’ of ‘certain weaponry and ammunition’ that is deemed as contraband, effectively banning ‘assault weapons” and “large-capacity magazines.'” – The Blaze

“Is Hillary Clinton fit to be president of the United States?” – Breitbart


President Barack Obama on Thursday praised Louisiana’s new Democratic governor, John Bel Edwards, for his decision to expand the state’s Medicaid program to provide health care coverage to thousands of residents. ‘He’s already delivering for the people of Louisiana,’ Obama said.” –

Not everyone in Louisiana has Powerball fever despite a record 1.5 billion dollar jackpot. There are some people who are not interested in forking over the two dollars buy a ticket. We spoke to some of them. One woman says it’s just not worth the potential risk…” – Louisiana Radio Network

Louisiana’s newly elected governor began his inaugural day on a high note with religious services at St. Joseph Cathedral in downtown Baton Rouge. But before he could even begin his inaugural address, things got dicey. The Louisiana House of Representatives rejected his hand picked candidate for Speaker. Is this an indication of how his term as the state’s chief executive will succeed?”

President Barack Obama took 10 questions from a crowd gathered at McKinley High School in Baton Rouge Thursday morning.” –

Swimmers braved the cold waters of Bayou St. John recently during the third annual Cross Retrieval and Dove Release at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, 1200 Robert E. Lee Blvd. in celebration of Epiphany, or the Theophany. Temperatures dipped to the mid-40s in time for the festivities.” – Blog

Today, President Barack Obama visits Baton Rouge to continue his State of the Union tour and discuss his agenda for the last year of his term. As we saw Tuesday night, the president will claim economic progress under his administration, despite the fact that unemployment in Louisiana and so many other states continues trending upward.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

“‘Duck Dynasty’ patriarch Phil Robertson has weighed in on his choice for President. His pick: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.” –

“The Florida Parishes Juvenile Justice Commission voted Wednesday to declare an emergency and seek State Bond Commission approval to place a failed tax proposal back on the ballot in April.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

“After he became warden of the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, it took Burl Cain more than a decade to move onto the prison’s property.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

Governor John Bel Edwards wants to raise the minimum wage in Louisiana but he’s facing opposition from a key member of the Senate.  Columbia Senator Neil Riser, new Senate Labor Committee Chairman, says he will oppose any bill that raises Louisiana’s minimum wage.” –




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