The Low Popahirum, January 22, 2016


“The Tuesday night before this past Thanksgiving, at a dinner in a small ballroom at the Holiday Inn at the airport in Des Moines, one of the 50 or so pastors who had come to listen to Marco Rubio stood up to ask him a question. Kenney Linhart, the broad-built boss of a nearby church called The Kathedral, had read about the complicated religious history of the Florida senator and Republican presidential hopeful. He needed a straight answer.” – Politico

Residents of Washington D.C. braced themselves Friday for a powerful winter storm that some forecasters say could drop more than two feet of snow on the nation’s capital, and affect residents and travelers from the mid-Atlantic to New England.” – Fox News

Goldman Sachs once gave Ted Cruz’s campaign a $1.43 million loan. His campaign also got a loan of less than $500,000 from Citibank. According to Donald Trump, in a claim that has been repeated roughly a billion times, that means THEY OWN HIM. Even though, as far as I can tell, all or part of these loans have been repaid.” – Red State

“In a nomination race like the Republican one, you could draw up a list of reasons to be skeptical of any candidate’s chances. Here are some reasons to be skeptical about Ted Cruz’s position in Iowa, for example. Here’s why Marco Rubio’s strategy looks increasingly precarious. There are also good reasons to be skeptical about Donald Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination:” –

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Thursday the Republican establishment is ‘warming up’ to his candidacy as he ramped up his attacks against his chief rival, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.” – Yahoo News

“Coming soon to the campaign trail: The Bush family.” –

Ted Cruz revealed on Thursday that he is not currently covered by any health insurance, chalking up the lack of coverage to Obamacare.” – Politico

“It’ll appear tomorrow in a special all-Trump edition of National Review. Fair enough, but the guy’s campaign slogan might as well be ‘f*** the eggheads.’ How is a manifesto going to peel off any voters who have absorbed that and are still considering him? At this point, if you’re one of the dwindling few who remain invested in movement conservatism, you’re probably already locked down for Cruz or Rubio. If you’re on the Trump train or are open to climbing aboard, it’s because his previous 8,000 sins against conservative dogma didn’t move you. I’m sure it’ll be eloquent given the caliber of talent mentioned by the NYT, but trying to convince Trumpers or people who are Trump-curious to abandon ship in the name of conservative ideals is like trying to persuade people who like punk through reasoned argument to abandon it for pop instead. The things they don’t like about pop helped lead them towards punk in the first place. If anything, a full frontal attack from mainstream conservative pundits will only bind Trump’s audience closer to him.” – Hot Air

Bad news for Hillary Clinton in Iowa as the caucus rapidly approaches.” – The Blaze

“The march’s social media campaign — #WhyWeMarch — provides a glimpse of how the pro-life movement and the choice for life has made a difference in the lives of thousands of men and women.” – Breitbart


More than 500 students from the New Orleans area were set to participate at this year’s March for Life rally in Washington, D.C., but with a huge winter storm headed their way, the group was forced to turn around almost as soon as they got there.” –

The Louisiana Life March South is heading back to downtown Baton Rouge in 2016!” –

“The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announced Thursday that its staff is equipped to respond in the event of adverse weather.” – ArkLaTex

“On Thursday Cajundome Director Greg Davis joined ‘Geaux Acadiana with Ken Romero and Dr. John Sutherlin’ to discuss the movement of the General Alfred Mouton statue from downtown Lafayette. Some including Davis are asking that the Mouton statue be moved to a more appropriate location like the Alexandre Mouton house which is the Lafayette museum.” –

“In a bit of irony, the Caddo Commission pressed felony theft charges against a 46 year old Haughton woman for obtaining illegal money. Lisa Bain Phillips was a contract nurse who is alleged to have knowingly invoiced $39,896 that was double billed for services she provided to the Caddo Correctional Center. The sheriff’s department did an investigation and arrested her. She now finds herself housed at the facility she was working at as a nurse.” –

“Former USC tight end and a former Louisiana State University player, both of whom were kicked off their college football teams for misconduct, are suspected of staging a two-day string of robberies, including a carjacking, across Los Angeles and Ventura counties, police said Thursday.” –

“Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat who was sworn into office last week,  met with the state’s congressional delegation in Washington on Thursday — minus one noteworthy member.” – The Advocate Blogs

‘This is history,’ Rabbi Arnold Task, former rabbi of Congregation Gemiluth Chassodim in Alexandria, said Tuesday. ‘It can help you understand the concern of things that are happening today.’ Task was speaking about the Holocaust.” –

So everyone know that the final season of American Idol is here and they are looking for the best and brightest talent to close out their 15th season.  Yep this is there 15th season of American Idol and I have to say there is a bunch of great talent that has auditioned so far.” –

Willie Allen, a four-star rated offensive tackle from John Curtis Christian High School, officially committed to LSU, he announced at ceremony on Thursday morning.” –




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