The Low Popahirum, January 8, 2015


The GOP should stop fooling itself. Trump is reaching more than just undereducated, angry white men.” – Politico

Two men born in Iraq who came to the U.S. as refugees were set to appear in court Friday on terror-related charges in California and Texas, as investigators say one of the men wrote that he wanted to travel to Syria because he was ‘eager to see blood.'” – Fox News

Any political issue is exactly as serious as the media decides to treat it. There have been a lot of changes in the influence of the media over the last 30 years, but that is still more or less the truth – even the stories that were pushed by blogs and alternative media only became stories when the media were effectively shamed into covering them.” – Red State

“A rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Vermont on Thursday evening was disrupted repeatedly by protesters despite attempts by Trump’s staff to screen the crowd.” – Big Story Associate Press

Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz are circling each other in the race for the Republican nomination and appear to be on the brink of an epic clash.” – The Hill

President Obama on Friday vetoed legislation to repeal most of his signature health care law, saying the bill would do “harm” to millions of Americans.” – Fox News

“America’s number one abortion business Planned Parenthood’s political arm is set to take an unprecedented step in endorsing a presidential candidate during the primary. As should be a surprise to no one, the candidate they will be endorsing is Hillary Clinton.” – Washington Examiner

“The day after a shooting spree in Oregon last year, President Obama said people who support gun control would “just have to, for a while, be a single-issue voter” if gun laws in America were ever going to change.” – USA Today

“The widow of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle confronted President Barack Obama Thursday night, challenging the president on the effectiveness of gun control legislation and asking why he doesn’t more often note that violent crime has decreased during his presidency.” – The Blaze

“Friday on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ host Joe Scarborough warned that the association between former President Bill Clinton and convicted sex offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein will be something the media will be forced to focus on if Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump chooses to discuss it. And that could be a “big problem” for his wife Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, Scarborough said.” –Breitbart


Two cities will get their first visits from President Barack Obama after his final State of the Union address.” –

The Mississippi River in Baton Rouge is above flood stage, but US Coast Guard Officials say there’s no need to worry.” –

“For a second straight year, Louisiana’s public schools rank 49th in the nation in academic achievement.” –

“The U.S. Army’s largest land acquisition since World War II is almost complete.” –

It hasn’t been done since 2011, but this weekend the Bonnet Carre Spillway will once again be opened. The Army Corps of Engineers announced they will open the Spillway Sunday morning in an effort to relieve pressure on levees in the New Orleans area.” – Fox8Live

No doubt you have seen videos of hoverboard fails: falls glorified on youtube and social media, showing the literal downside of the motorized, self-balancing devices that can move at a speed of ten miles per hour plus.” –

“In an unusual legal skirmish, Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Jeff Hughes filed a federal lawsuit over the holidays against four of his fellow justices, challenging their decision to exclude Hughes from participating in consideration of two so-called legacy lawsuits before the high court because the plaintiffs’ attorneys contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to his 2012 election.” – The New Orleans Advocate

“Former LSU standout cornerback Rashard Robinson announced that he was declaring for the NFL Draft on Thursday, via his Facebook page.” –

“On the heels of his recent executive order tightening gun control restrictions, a video from the campaign of 2007 – 08 comes to light…one in which candidate Barack Obama criticized President George W. Bush for abuse of office and constitutional overreach for his use of executive orders. ‘I believe in the Constitution!’…get ready for awesome irony!” –

Services for political watchdog C.B. Forgotston will be Friday as one of the biggest fighters for the state of Louisiana will be laid to rest at McKneely Funeral Home in Amite.” –



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