The Low Popahirum, February 15, 2016


How Trump schemed to win back millions from a high-rolling—and doomed—Japanese gambler.” – Politico

Despite taking the pledge five months ago that he’d stick with the Republicans regardless of the nominee, Donald Trump nevertheless fired a warning shot Monday at the Republican National Committee – with the threat yet again of an independent run for the White House.” – Fox News

“If you aren’t from Texas, you may not be familiar with the name ‘Jonathan Stickland,’ so allow me to introduce him.” – Red State

A constant flow of sweet tea and tobacco fuels the clusters of patrons inside the Iraqi capital’s historic Shahbandar cafe. They jostle for space like the faded pictures of old Baghdad that clutter the walls.” – Washington Post

“Republican Sen. Marco Rubio wants to make nice with Chris Christie.” –Politico

Barack Obama urged Russia on Sunday to stop bombing moderate rebels in Syria in support of its ally President Bashar al-Assad, a campaign seen in the West as a major obstacle to latest efforts to end the war.” – Reuters

“The brother who was never expected to become president — but did — will be trotted out Monday as a lifeline to the brother who was always expected to become president, but now may not.” – NY Times

“Did Trump damage his chances by accusing Bush of lying about Iraq?” – Hot Air

“Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death over the weekend instantaneously raised a plethora of questions about his eventual replacement, igniting a political firestorm during an already heated and chaotic election year.” – The Blaze

“During a Monday afternoon campaign appearance in South Carolina, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump declared the Republican National Committee in ‘default of their pledge.’ Here’s the full quote:” – Breitbart


Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards today said he welcomes proposals for cuts to try and close a budget deficit the governor says is more than $940 million, but repeated his argument that cuts alone won’t close the gap.” –

Nicholls State University could be forced to close temporarily this year even under the best-case budget scenario presented to the Louisiana Legislature under a plan submitted to the University of Louisiana System.” –

Valentine’s Day isn’t arriving with flowers or candy for Louisiana’s lawmakers, but with bleak budget discussions and tax talk.” –

The Louisiana Legislature is holding an emergency session Sunday night due to a massive budget shortfall.” –

“Fatigue was the cause of a Sunday morning crash where a woman was pinned under the car near Fenton in Jeff Davis Parish.” –

The Bossier City Fire Department believe lightning caused a house fire in north Bossier City Monday morning.” –

Emergency officials in Livingston Parish say they’re expecting an overall increase in train traffic through the parish due to a fire on the Bonnet Carré Spillway.” –

In the words of state leaders, it is more bad news. This year’s immediate shortfall that must be closed by the end of the special session just grew an extra $17 million because Gustav FEMA money won’t come this year.” –

Similar to Rip Van Winkle, Louisiana just awoke from a long sleep. Eight years to be exact. While Jindal wrecked the state, the citizens snoozed, except for a few political watchdogs here and there howling in the night to no avail.” – TalkAboutTheSouth

North Dakota’s oil boom has gone bust, leaving the state government with a gaping $1 billion hole in its two-year budget.” –

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