The Story From New Hampshire Is On The Democrat Side

Yes, yes. Trump won big with the Republican vote. His poll numbers more or less bore out. And John Kasich managed a pretty good second place, or at least that’s how it looks as of this writing with 9 percent of the vote in.

And Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush are more or less tied for third, with Marco Rubio in fifth place. That debate performance was every bit the problem it appeared to be on Saturday.

Which means Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Jim Gilmore should all be out of the race by Friday. None of them have a way forward at this point, and none of them have any money.

The real story is what Bernie Sanders did to Hillary Clinton tonight. It was known he was going to win, but the margin is devastating.

With 13 percent reporting in New Hampshire it’s 57-41. And earlier tonight, the Ace of Spades Decision Desk put out an exit poll from bellwether precincts indicating it might get worse…

This is an existential problem for Hillary Clinton. To get slaughtered by 16 points by an avowed socialist in a state she won eight years ago, regardless of whether Sanders is from next door in Vermont, is bad news for her. After allowing Sanders to essentially tie her in Iowa, then to show polls last week indicating her national lead over him went from 30 points to a virtual tie, and then to fail to outperform terrible poll numbers in New Hampshire…it’s all bad.

Hillary’s campaign is putting out stories that she got killed in New Hampshire because there weren’t enough black people there. Perhaps that’s a valid excuse, though it smacks of the kind of old-fashioned Democrat racism you’re excused for going completely insane over. The guess here, though, considering Sanders’ next stop is New York where he’s going to meet with Al Sharpton and formulate a strategy for folding the Black Lives Matter movement into his socialist revolution.

And if he’s able to buy Sharpton off – and you’d better believe that’s what Sharpton will be demanding he do – then you’re going to have an especially loud-mouthed leftist “civil rights leader” clobbering Hillary all the time and trashing her commitment to “the cause.” Which is not going to help her much.

The problem Hillary is going to have is this – if white Democrats who have completely gone over to cultural Marxism and Occupy Democrat economic fascism favor Sanders over Hillary and she’s got to depend on the black and Hispanic vote to carry her, then how is that supposed to work when the black community has been organized around Hard Left culture and economics for two decades?

The guess here is if Hillary thinks the black vote is going to save her in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday, she might well end up a little disappointed.

Meanwhile the FBI confirmed today that she’s the target of their investigation and it’s a criminal investigation, not the “security audit” she’s fraudulently described it as.

There are some serious questions about her viability going forward now.

Mike Bloomberg now says he’s thinking about an independent run. I said last week both at the American Spectator (and the piece got picked up by Real Clear Politics, which was pretty cool) and here in the Battlefield that Bloomberg might very well consider coming in on the Democrat side and buying up the party.

Because the Democrats have a real problem now. They’ve hitched their wagon to a dead mule, or at least a dying one, and they’re likely to get stuck with a candidate who can’t win in Sanders. They have to come up with another option, and quick. And Joe Biden doesn’t have any money.

UPDATE: It’s worse. With 18.5 percent of the precincts in, Sanders is at 60.2 percent. This is a disaster of nightmare proportions for Hillary.

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