The Low Popahirum, March 29, 2016


“As he inches toward the GOP nomination, Donald Trump is becoming more and more disliked among American voters.” – Politico

“Police arrested a lovestruck ‘idiot’ who reportedly wore a fake suicide belt and forced an EgyptAir passenger jet to land in Cyprus Tuesday morning, government officials confirmed, ending a bizarre and frightening hijacking that stretched on for hours.” – Fox News

I don’t even really know what to make of this. Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski tweeted this earlier this morning with no explanation for why, either before or since.” – Red State

Wisconsin Governor Walker endorses Cruz for Republican presidential nomination.” – Reuters Politics

The caucus is long over, but candidates are eyeing a party convention where 34 delegates are up for grabs.” – Politico

“Donald Trump wants to win the White House in the fall. Paul Ryan wants to save his vision of the Republican Party for years to come.” – Yahoo News

Iraqi Christians gathered in Baghdad this weekend to mark Easter but celebrations were tempered by fears Islamic State would eradicate their shrinking community, even as the army launched a U.S.-backed offensive to retake Mosul, their ancestral homeland.” – Reuters


“In a storyline that could be ripped from a House of Cards script, John Kasich’s campaign is looking to coordinate behind the scenes with Ted Cruz’s in a mutual effort to deny Donald Trump enough delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination. They even tried to get 2012 nominee Mitt Romney to help broker it.” –

“WITH TWO weeks remaining in Maryland’s three-month legislative session, Democratic lawmakers in Annapolis have stopped just short of extending a Bronx cheer to Gov. Larry Hogan’s proposal for nonpartisan redistricting reform.” – Hot Air

“As threats of a contested or brokered Republican National Convention loom, a longtime member of the party’s rules committee observed, ‘Something important is going on.’” – The Blaze


“It sure seems like he intends to. John Bel Edwards, the Democratic governor of Louisiana, under cover of the battle in North Carolina and Georgia governor Nathan Deal’s veto of religious liberty legislation, appears set to either rescind an executive order passed by Bobby Jindal last year, or, more likely, let it expire on its own.” – Joe Cunningham/Red State

Another name was thrown into the hat for Louisiana’s soon to be vacant U.S. Senate seat on Monday.” –

“Rapper Corey ‘C-Murder’ Miller, who is currently serving a life sentence for the 2002 fatal shooting of a 16-year-old fan at a Harvey nightclub, recently recorded an album from inside the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, according to a report.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

When he ran for mayor of New Orleans, he was declared a savior. When he took office, he was praised as the man who would rid City Hall of its culture of corruption once and for all.” –

“A woman was jailed Sunday after she attacked her live-in boyfriend with a metal pipe, authorities said.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

Governor John Bel Edwards still intends to rescind a ‘religious freedom’ executive order instituted last year by former Gov. Bobby Jindal, according to a spokesman for the governor.” –

There are considerations that make tax reform mandatory for the long-term health of our economy in Louisiana: competition with surrounding states, diversity of corporate investment, health care infrastructure, development of the coastline, the value added to crops and resources produced in Louisiana.” – Buddy Roemer/The Baton Rouge Advocate

The federal case against a former high-ranking official in the sheriff’s office is expanding, with another top official reportedly in the cross-hairs of both the U.S. Attorney’s office and an upcoming legislative audit.” –

“With the debate over the Louisiana budget for this year in the rear-view mirror, all eyes are now on the $750 million shortfall for next year.” –

Some Franklinton residents are asking for help in dealing with a smelly problem. They say recent rains made a bad situation worse when it comes to sewage backing up into their bathrooms and yards. ” –

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