The Low Popahirum, March 31, 2016


Companies know they can’t afford to ignore the front-runner’s put-downs anymore, and some might skip the GOP convention.” – Politico

Never underestimate the capacity of those in media and politics to overstate their influence. Like roosters who credit themselves with the sunrise, members of the narrow elite witness any phenomenon and immediately look for evidence of their own influence.” – Fox News

The presidential Campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz is out with a powerful new ad titled, ‘Opportunity.’ In this 60-second ad, that will run statewide in Wisconsin, Cruz discusses his commitment to restoring jobs and economic growth by repealing Obamacare, reining in the EPA, and lifting burdensome regulations that stifle small businesses. You can watch the ad below:” – Red State

“MSNBC held a town hall event Wednesday during which host Chris Matthews asked Donald Trump whether women who seek abortions should be punished if abortion is ever outlawed. Trump hemmed and hawed a bit but Matthews kept pressing him. Finally he said, ‘There has to be some form of punishment.’ After much outrage from the many sides of the abortion debate, Trump issued a statement.” – The Federalist

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s income tax returns for the years 2002 through 2008 are no longer under federal audit, though more recent filings remain under review, according to an unusual letter his campaign released Wednesday night.” – Bloomberg

“Armed with newfound, if tepid, support from unlikely sources over the past few weeks, Ted Cruz has touted himself as a Republican uniter whose campaign represents a broad and ideologically diverse spectrum of the party. ” –

Republicans likely won’t know whether Donald Trump will reach the 1,237 delegates needed to win the GOP presidential nomination outright until the final primary contests conclude on June 7.” – The Hill

The Donald swears he’s not inciting violence. But the beatings are growing more and more common, an analysis by The Daily Beast shows.” – The Daily Beast

Republican voters’ views on immigration are changing.” – The Atlantic

“After a couple spotted a man holding a sign that read ‘Death to America’ on a curb in Middleburg, Florida, they decided to take matters into their own hands by physically beating up the man and snatching the sign away from him in a Tuesday encounter that was caught on camera.” – The Blaze


A state Senate panel advanced Thursday legislation to establish a minimum wage and to pay men and women equally after Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards appeared before the committee in support of both measures.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

Virtually every man, woman and business will pay more taxes in Louisiana beginning Friday, whether it be at the retail counter, the auto rental or through the temporary loss of an exemption.” –

Donald Trump said he was stunned, shocked and livid about how elections are run way down in the Bayou State. He minced no words in giving his assessment of what happened in the recent Louisiana presidential primary. ‘It tells you what a crooked system we have and what a rotten political system we have. I won Louisiana, but what’s going on in the Republican Party is a disgrace.'” – Jim Brown La.

“Dr. Ben Carson, a former 2016 GOP presidential candidate who has since, dropping out, endorsed businessman Donald Trump, has made his first congressional endorsement of the 2016 cycle: Col. Rob Maness, for the U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana.” – Breitbart

A proposal that sailed through a health committee in the House on Wednesday means Louisiana women would have to wait 72 hours for an abortion.” –

A bill to keep peeping Toms from extending their range with drones has received unanimous support from a Louisiana House committee. One representative described it as helping Louisiana keep up with the times.” –

A state lawmaker has delayed hearings for a week on a bill that could impede the removal of four controversial monuments in New Orleans, saying she needs more time to prepare a presentation on the measure before it goes before a state Senate committee.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

Louisiana legislators were handed a nearly $900 million budget deficit when they took the oath of office Jan. 11, but because of the state Constitution, they can’t consider revenue-raising measures during the 60-day legislative session currently underway.” – The Baton Rouge Adovate

“Louisiana leaders are considering new work requirements for food stamps that would force unemployed, able-bodied adults without kids to seek workforce training or lose their benefits after three months.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

Could Louisiana raise minimum wage higher than the federal minimum? It’s an idea that has Governor John Bel Edwards’ support, and a proposal comes up today in a state senate committee.” –


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