Louisiana Democrat Advocates Teaching Creationism In The State Senate

The vice-chair of the Senate Education Committee no less. State Sen. John Milkovich (D-Shreveport) was speaking against State Sen. Dan Claitor’s (R-Baton Rouge) bill to repeal the Balanced Treatment for Creation-Science Act, which was declared unconstitutional in 1987 by the U.S. Supreme Court.

As is the case every year, the Louisiana Law Insitute provides a report of unconstitutional laws that the Legislature should remove law books. These are laws that have already been struck down by either the Louisiana Supreme Court and/or the U.S. Supreme Court or other Federal courts and all appeals have been exhausted. Again, these laws cannot be enforced anyway.

Claitor’s legislation was not a value judgement on creationism vs evolution. It was simply an attempt to remove the unconstitutional law from the books.

Here’s Milkovich’s goofy explanation for why the law, which again can’t even be enforced, should be kept on the books.

“Scientific research and developments and advances in the last 100 years — particularly the last 15, 20, 10 years — have validated the biblical story of creation,” the freshman state senator said.

Milkovich, who is the vice chairman of the Senate Education Committee, said archeologists and scientists have verified the origin story of the Christian Bible. He said archeologists had found the remnants of Noah’s ark recently. A study of rocks had verified that the earth was created in a week, Milkovich said.

[…]”If it states at the outset, you can believe whatever you want about science or education or how we came to be — except if you believe God had anything to do with creation, we are just wiping that off the table,” Milkovich said.


Nearly all of this is nonsense. Scientists have not discovered the remains of Noah’s Ark, nor have they found evidence that the Earth was created in a week. These sound like something you would find on kook website because that’s probably where Milkovich got them or in a chain e-mail. Do we really want a State Senator who gets his scientific information from chain e-mails as vice-chair of the Senate Education Committee?

State Sen. Conrad Appel (R-Metairie) then asked Claitor that all this would do is remove a dead law. Claitor said yes. Appel seemed annoyed with Milkovich’s grandstanding to say the least.

Claitor’s bill was defeated 4-2. So much for the “Party of Science.”

Milkovich wasn’t done on this subject. When a bill came up later about anonymously surveying teens about their sex lives came up, Milkovich claimed that it wouldn’t be an issue if there was more God in schools.

John Milkovich is the latest example of most politicians in Louisiana. They can write and vote for terrible laws as long as they say the most outlandish things to pander to self-described “social conservatives.”



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