The Low Popahirum, March 9, 2016


For ex-Jeb Bush backers and GOP elites, it’s deja Rubio as he stalls out after trying to take on Trump.” – Politico

Bernie Sanders pulled off a shocking upset in Michigan’s Democratic primary Tuesday night, beating Hillary Clinton in a race that most polls had him trailing by double digits and eclipsing the front runner’s earlier win in Mississippi.” – Fox News

On Tuesday, four states held their elections in the 2016 Presidential Primary: Mississippi, Michigan, Idaho, and Hawaii. Three were regular primaries, one was a caucus, and all four are assigning delegates proportionally. When Hawaii’s vote finally came in during the wee hours of the morning, we had the result: Wins for Trump and Cruz (again).” – Red State

The grid below by CMAG’s Mitchell West lays out a GOP-sponsored ‘anti-Trump’ air campaign that is growing by the week, from 9% of all Republican TV spots (individual airings of commercials) by all advertisers in the presidential race during the first week in February, to 47% during the most recent week—and from 15% of all GOP spending on TV advertising during the first week in February to 62% last week. For the current week, the first day alone, March 7, racked up roughly half those percentages from the previous week, suggesting a significant escalation is at hand.” –

Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski forcibly yanked Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields out of the way after his press conference in Florida on Tuesday night.” – Politico

Donald Trump took the podium in the ballroom at Trump National Golf Club Tuesday night after adding a solid win in the industrial Midwest to earlier victories in the Northeast, the South, and the West. And Trump has not only won from Michigan to Mississippi and from Vermont to Nevada — he has done it with record numbers of voters coming out for Republican primaries and caucuses.” – Washington Examiner

Mitt Romney fired the first real shot in what will be a weeks-long, multimillion-dollar battle by the Republican establishment to thwart Donald Trump from obtaining real power. As far as political speeches go, Romney’s was quite good. Yet as many have observed, Romney was precisely the wrong messenger. Among Trump supporters, Romney’s enmity toward Trump is viewed as a confirmation of their choice, not grounds for reconsideration.” – The Week

One in five adults (or 20%) has forgotten how to work out either fractions or percentages, and even fewer remember how to calculate the mean, the median or the mode, according to a study.” – The Guardian

George Martin, the Beatles producer, died Tuesday at age 90. Ringo Starr broke the news on Twitter:” – Hot Air

A meme that aims to illustrate the downfalls of socialism was widely circulated on social media Tuesday.” – The Blaze


Lawmakers in Baton Rouge face less than 24 hours left to stabilize Louisiana’s budget which is still $142 million in the hole this fiscal year ending June 30.” –

Two bills dealing with cigarette and taxes were signed by Governor John Bel Edwards Tuesday.” –

We’re getting reports of several businesses under water in Arcadia, according to Bienville Parish Sheriff officials.” –

“Louisiana lawmakers have a little more than a day to find compromise and fix the budget.” –

“The rain hasn’t arrived yet, but thousands are already without power in Southwest Louisiana.” –

“The Planning Commission approved a motion Tuesday that would – without council approval – prevent new strip clubs from opening in the French Quarter for one year.” –

Wednesday is the final day of the special session of the legislature called by Gov. John Bel Edwards to attempt to address nearly $2 billion in shortfalls in this year and next year’s budgets.” –

The shooting was reported sometime Tuesday morning at Josephine and Willow streets, the New Orleans Police Department said.”  –

Senators grilled business lobbyists on the second-to-last day of the special legislative session, saying companies aren’t doing their fair share to help close Louisiana’s budget gap.” –

It’s been two weeks since 13 tornadoes touched down across the region, devastating neighborhoods in southern Louisiana.” –

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