The RNC Needs To Stand Up For The LAGOP And Announce Trump Will Not Be Considered In Cleveland

Donald Trump is trying to bully the Louisiana Republican Party into giving him more delegates. The man-sized toddler took to Twitter on Easter Sunday and threatened a lawsuit.

I generally agree with everything Scott wrote today in Hither and Yon. I also recommend Joe Cunningham’s great piece on RedState about it.

Trump is bullying the Louisiana Republican Party. He also wants to disenfranchise the majority of Louisiana Republicans who did not vote for him. Even if no lawsuit is filed, the bullying has still been done. Trump is trying to steal an election.

Trump is threatening the election authority in the Republican primary. This is akin to a candidate trying to intimidate the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office during a runoff election. Such bullying and a blatant attempt of stealing an election needs to be punished, severely.

Enough is enough with this media clown. Trump has turned the Republican nomination process into a circus. Now he’s trying to steal the primary election in Louisiana. The RNC needs to speak out against this now. Even better, the RNC needs to declare in no uncertain terms that Donald Trump will not even be considered at the convention in Cleveland.

Now you’re probably pissed off at me right now, especially if you’re a Trump supporter. Your first argument is going to be to call me a “cuck.” The second argument is to yell at me about “respecting the will of the people” or some other nonsense like that. First of all, the majority of Republicans in every state has voted against Donald Trump. Secondly, many Republicans, especially Republican women, hate Donald Trump. He can’t unify the party. Third, the Republican Party is a private organization that at the end of the day has a higher duty to the country than even its members. Trump offers new evidence daily that he is a danger to the American Republic. That’s reason alone to act.

Now you’re asking yourself why am I advocating that the RNC do this over a tweet and a lawsuit threat. After all Trump has said and done many insane things in this election. Most of Trump’s idiotic rhetoric about almost everybody are due to differences in policy. Political and policy differences are something that voters should settle. But once Trump crossed the line into trying to steal the Louisiana Republican primary, it became time to act.

In all seriousness, most Trump supporters will feel disenfranchised if he’s not considered. But Trump is free to launch a 3rd Party bid and has threatened to do so on many occasions. Trump supporters are more than welcome to join him in that bid. This is America, if Trump can follow the ballot access laws and run for president as an independent, he is more than welcome to do so. But at the end of the day, Trump alone is to blame if the RNC decides to not even consider him in Cleveland. The Republican Party is not required to and should not provide him a platform. Trump supporters have been scammed once again by their hero.

The Republican Party is a private organization who can decide who it wants to support for president. It sets its rules and in fact the truth is there are no rules. The Republican Party should do what it can to disqualify Trump. Lord knows he’s done enough to warrant it.


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