VIDEO: John Kasich, Son Of A Mailman And Friend Of The Little Man

We don’t need a whole lot of introduction to this, but if you watch it you’ll notice that the majority of Kasich’s humble “friend of the little guy” act, where he lays it on thick about how his dad was a mailman and so many of his relatives were humble public servants like teachers and firemen and whatever, is a fugazi.

Spurious. Not genuine.


Here. Watch for yourself.

Kasich might have won the Ohio primary, but the fact of the matter is he’s been mathematically eliminated from any legitimate shot at the nomination. His is a zombie campaign and decency – hygiene – requires it to be put down so that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz can have a head-to-head fight to decide who among the viable candidates will be the Republican nominee.

What Kasich instead offers instead of an actual campaign is a fantastical come-out-of-nowhere scenario at the Republican convention in Cleveland, wherein somehow he’ll magically rack up delegates pledged to Cruz or Trump on third, fourth or 27th ballots amid a floor fight. Or worse, that he will be the beneficiary of some brokered convention the muckety-mucks within the GOP will cook up.

Either of those possibilities would be (1) untenable as prospects to hold out to the GOP electorate as acceptable for the 2016 cycle and (2) even in the impossible event they’d bear fruit would shatter the Republican Party. Neither Cruz nor Trump nor their supporters or delegates would tolerate Kasich as the nominee. For him to hold out that possibility is irresponsible in the extreme and evidence that he’s as selfish and contemptuous of the folks he’s supposed to represent as our would-be nominee as he looks in that video.

Screw this guy. It’s time for him to be out of the Republican race. And he can take his atrocious campaign guru John Weaver, who for the third cycle in a row is running a campaign contemptuous of Republican voters (2008 with McCain, 2012 with Huntsman), with him.



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