Mitch Landrieu Has A Solution For New Orleans’s Crime Problem….Gun Control

After nearly a year of focusing on Confederate monuments, Mitch Landrieu has finally turned his attention to crime. You’re probably thinking that Mitch is going to make an effort to hire more police officers and deploy more resources to help mostly black, crime-ridden neighborhoods. Maybe Mitch was going to build and open up more playgrounds and recreation centers so young kids could have an alternative to the gangs. Perhaps Mitch was going to find ways to make it easier to do business in New Orleans and jumpstart the economy.

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If you actually thought that Mitch was going to do something productive about fighting crime in New Orleans, you’re sadly mistaken. Instead Mitch and his cronies are going to hold a press conference at the Bunny Friend Playground to announce some a gun control ordinance. Bunny Friend is where there was a mass shooting in November.

Here is the proposed ordinance from the Times-Picayune:

  • Require gun owners to notify New Orleans Police within 48 hours after discovering the loss or theft of a stolen firearm.
  • Create “firearm-free zones” on and around school campuses, school buses and youth recreational facilities. This section includes a numbers of exceptions, including: law enforcement buildings and military bases; commercial establishments permitted to have armed security; private premises; individuals with a concealed handgun permit; and “any other constitutionally protected activity which cannot be regulated by the city or state.”
  • Prohibit possession or dealing guns lacking serial numbers or other identifying marks. Exceptions include inoperable antiques, war relics and guns manufactured without serial numbers.
  • Prohibit gun possession of anyone convicted of domestic abuse for 10 years upon completion of a sentence for the offense. Exceptions include convictions that have been expunged or set aside.
  • Prohibit negligent carrying of a firearm, whether or not the carrier is licensed to have a concealed weapon. Negligent carrying includes circumstances in which “it is foreseeable that the firearm may discharge, or when others are placed in reasonable apprehension that the firearm may discharge,” the draft ordinance states.” Circumstances in which others have a reasonable apprehension that a gun crime is imminent can also indicate negligent carrying.

The first one isn’t a problem on the surface. If you’re a gun owner and your gun is stolen, you should report it to the police. But it’s important to note why many gun owners don’t report their stolen firearms. Many police departments do not return the stolen firearms. If the ordinance stipulates that the firearm must be returned to the original owner immediately after the case is resolved, then I don’t have a problem with it.

The second is mostly already covered under state law. Criminals already don’t obey “gun-free zones”, it’s hard to see how adding playgrounds to the list will change that.

The third is already a violation of Federal law. Guns cannot be sold in the United States without a serial number. The only guns that can be legally possessed without a serial number are home-built firearms and they’re not what’s fueling gun crime in New Orleans. Stolen firearms are.

The fourth is already a violation of Federal law. Domestic abusers are banned from owning or buying firearms.

The fifth is a de facto open and concealed carry ban. The defintion is a very loose one and is likely to be abused. In fact, that’s the probably the ordinance’s intent.

This proposed ordinance combines a bunch of feel good measures with a very dangerous one that could all but elminate right to self-defense with a firearm in the city of New Orleans.  But what’s important for Mitch is that he’s now perceived as doing something about crime in the city. That’s what really counts for him, not whether or not it actually works.

UPDATE: Here’s another description of the ordinance, from the city’s press release:

Reporting Lost and Stolen Firearms

Many guns that are used in crimes have been stolen and often, those stolen guns have not been reported to local law enforcement. This section would require that the owner of a lost or stolen firearm report it to a NOPD officer within 48 hours of discovery. This section would deter gun trafficking by allowing police to identify potential traffickers based on whether they repeatedly fail to file reports yet claim their guns were lost or stolen after they are discovered at a crime or repeatedly report guns lost or stolen.

A first offense will carry a $250 fine and subsequent offenses will carry a $500 fine.

Possession of a Firearm or Dangerous Weapon in a Firearm-Free Zone

State law prohibits possession of a firearm or dangerous weapon in a “firearm-free zone.” Subject to some exceptions, this includes on or within 1,000 feet of a school campus, on a school bus, or at a facility where a school event, such as a prom, is taking place.

This ordinance mirrors state law but includes “NORDC campus” within the definition of “firearm-free zone.” This ordinance also defines “NORDC campus” as anywhere NORDC-sponsored youth recreational programs are offered. This would effectively prohibit possession of firearms at all NORDC facilities as well as any parks where NORDC youth programming is offered. Each firearm-free zone must be marked by appropriate signage. Altering or defacing signage would violate the ordinance.

Violation would be punished by a $500 fine or six months’ imprisonment.

Possession of or Dealing in Firearms without Serial Numbers

State law prohibits possession, sale or purchase of firearms where the serial number has been removed; this combats trafficking of untraceable firearms. This ordinance mirrors state law.

Violation would be punished by a $500 fine or six months’ imprisonment.


Possession of a Firearm or Carrying a Concealed Weapon by a Person Convicted of Domestic Abuse Battery

State law prohibits a person who has been convicted of domestic abuse battery from possessing a firearm or concealed weapon for ten years from the conclusion of the sentence or probation for battery. This ordinance mirrors state law but also applies the prohibition for those convicted under the City’s domestic abuse battery law, which is broader in several respects, most notably by including same-sex relationships.

Violation would be punished by a $500 fine or six months’ imprisonment.

Negligent Carrying of a Concealed Firearm

State law prohibits “negligent carrying of a concealed firearm,” which is defined as carrying a concealed firearm in a way that places others in reasonable apprehension that it may discharge or that a crime is being committed. This section mirrors state law.

Violation would be punished by a $500 fine or six months’ imprisonment.



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