The Low Popahirum, April 27, 2016


“Clinton seals it, Trump’s in trouble and Bernie searches for an elegant exit.” – Politico

Donald Trump wasted no time basking in Tuesday’s five-state sweep, preparing for a highly-anticipated foreign policy speech Wednesday that he hopes will bolster his credentials as the self-proclaimed ‘presumptive nominee’ heads into next week’s crucial Indiana contest.” – Fox News

“Yesterday was yet another ‘Super’ Tuesday and, as usual, RedState has everything you need to know about the rumble (and crumble) in the North East. States that voted yesterday were Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. They performed as expected, which is to say poorly. The same two April Fools who won in New York walked away winners again last night, as predicted.” – Red State

Senator Bernie Sanders and his campaign advisers plan to reassess where his candidacy stands after five states vote on Tuesday, though he is adamant that he will remain in the race until the Democratic convention this summer.” – NY Times

Prince died last week, and America overreacted. No, I’m not diminishing Prince’s talent. He was one of pop music’s most gifted songwriters and musicians. As millions shared his more memorable performances, I realized I’d forgotten what a great guitar player and showman he was. He could write hit songs like few others, and he shared his talent freely, “gifting” songs to other artists. In short, he was one of the few pop stars whose fame was fully justified.” – National Review

UnitedHealth Group Inc. will pull out of Kentucky’s individual marketplace for Obamacare plans, bringing to 26 the number of states the health insurer is quitting next year.” –

John Kasich may have agreed to cede Indiana to Ted Cruz as part of a coordinated strategy to stop Donald Trump, but Kasich’s top backers in the state say they’re frustrated and confused by the tactical maneuvering – and they have no plans to play along.” – Politico

“While celebrating sweeping victories in five primaries Tuesday night, Donald Trump mocked the qualifications of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and suggested she was playing “the women’s card” to her advantage in the presidential race.” – The Washington Post

“What they really show is a candidate who hasn’t been attacked.” –

Comedian Steven Crowder mercilessly tore into so-called ‘social justice warriors’ when they disrupted his opening remarks within seconds of him taking the stage.” – The Blaze


“State representatives cheered as a bid to block state employers from asking about job applicants’ criminal histories before interviews cleared the Louisiana House.” –

It’s a sight not many people see – an alligator in a living room. But that’s exactly what happened Tuesday morning in Sterlington.” –

Attorneys representing the man accused of killing former Saints player Will Smith obtained subpoenas for seven people on Monday (April 25), according to court records. All but one are emergency medical technicians or New Orleans police personnel who responded to the April 9 shooting in the Lower Garden District, according to an NOPD incident report.” –

“He can’t speak, but Benjamin Alexander has a lot to say. One typed word at a time. Ben hasn’t spoken since the age of 2, when he was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy.” –

“The Louisiana State Police has issued a Level II Endangered/Missing Child Media Advisory on behalf of the Mamou Police Department for a 12-year-old boy reported missing from Mamou High School on Tuesday, April 26.” –

“The Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing Wednesday morning on a bill that would establish a workable medical marijuana program that allows patients with serious illnesses to access medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it.” –

“You know the old saying ‘It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.’ Crews are being assigned to keep an eye on the Jimmie Davis Bridge to make sure Barn Swallows don’t lay any eggs.” –

The lawns of some abandoned houses in Baton Rouge get so bad that nearby homeowners take matters into their own hands, caring for the places themselves. Now, an East Baton Rouge Metro council member wants to reward those citizens who are helping out their communities.” –

“A bill aimed at reining in who can see police body camera passed its first legislative milestone at the State Capitol.” –

More than 150 residents in Iberville Parish are on edge, fearing an environmental disaster. This comes after they received letters in the mail recently saying a company is planning to drill wells for brine production.” –


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