The Low Popahirum, April 4, 2016


“An old struggle is set to split the party in the heat of a presidential campaign.” – Politico

Bernie Sanders’ campaign accused Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton of ‘playing silly political games’ with debate dates as both candidates readied their final appeals to Wisconsin voters ahead of Tuesday’s critical primary.” – Fox News

“If this Examiner report is correct, the Donald Trump campaign may soon have another petulant, yet ultimately unjustified, grievance against Ted Cruz.  Allegedly, the Cruz campaign has gone into Arizona delegate elections to ensure that the people who are elected to be delegates are… well, not-Trump supporters.  They’d prefer Ted Cruz supporters, of course – but, really, anybody who won’t vote for Trump on a second ballot will do. Also: the local elections that will eventually determine the final delegate lists are happening now, so it’s a little late for counter-measures.” – Red State

“Good Monday morning. EXCLUSIVE: On the eve of the Wisconsin primaries, top Republicans are becoming increasingly vocal about their long-held belief that Speaker Paul Ryan will wind up as the nominee, perhaps on the fourth ballot at a chaotic Cleveland convention. One of the nation’s best-wired Republicans, with an enviable prediction record for this cycle, sees a 60% chance of a convention deadlock, and a 90% chance that delegates turn to Ryan – ergo, a 54% chance that Ryan, who’ll start the third week of July as chairman of the Republican National Convention, will end it as the nominee. “He’s the most conservative, least establishment member of the establishment,” the Republican source said. ‘That’s what you need to be.'” – Politico

Establishment Republicans can barely contain their excitement after the events of the past seven days.” – The Washington Post

“Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly said in an interview broadcast Sunday that there have been threats against her life since her hard-lined questioning of GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.” – The Hill

Scott Walker never got the chance to officially face off with Donald Trump at the ballot box — but if the GOP front-runner loses on the Wisconsin governor’s home turf, it still could be a victory of sorts for the former presidential candidate.” –

“In a private document that was circulated over the weekend and obtained by The Washington Post, Trump campaign senior adviser Barry Bennett revealed the mounting frustrations among the billionaire’s top aides as they closed what had been a tumultuous week.” – The Washington Post

Where the hell is Marco Rubio? The last we heard from him, Donald Trump was a threat to the soul of conservatism and he was going to fight Trump unrelentingly, but now Rubio has gone dark and won’t back the one candidate standing between the GOP and Trump?” – National Review

“The release of a vast trove of documents and data on offshore financial dealings of wealthy, famous and powerful people around the world is raising questions over the widespread use of such tactics to avoid taxes and skirt financial oversight.” – The Blaze


“Donald Trump suggested in a new interview that he’s being treated unfairly in the Republican Party.” – CBS News

“What happens when you rank last in something and you make it even worse?” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

“Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has told state Democratic Party leaders he’s backing Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell in the U.S. Senate race.” –

Shreveport police and emergency crews are working to free a car trapped on a guardrail on a bridge.” –

More than 200 tourism professionals are expected in Baton Rouge Monday for the start of the Southeast Tourism Society’s 2016 Spring Symposium.” –

“Whether you love them in their purest form or served in soup, there’s something for everyone at the annual Louisiana Crawfish Festival in Chalmette.” –

The increasing popularity of unmanned flying drones equipped with cameras has raised privacy concerns. State Representative Marcus Hunter wants to expand Louisiana’s video voyeurism law to include these remote controlled devices.” –

The Louisiana Legislative Auditor  has released an audit critical of the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s office criticizing how the agency handles off-duty details worked by it’s deputies.” –

Flooding devastated communities along the Sabine River last month, but people are coming together in recovery. Saturday night, Starks High School students headed to prom, where for the first time in a few weeks they can forget about the disaster.” –

Two inmates were found dead Saturday morning at the Louisiana State Penitentiary in Baton Rouge.” –

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