The Low Popahirum, April 1, 2016


“If Trump fails to clinch 1,237 delegates outright, already more than a hundred are poised to break from him on a second ballot.” – Politico

The Islamic State terror group has been making use of a chemistry lab in Iraq’s University of Mosul — which it seized nearly two years ago — to test and build deadlier bombs, military officials and other sources told The Wall Street Journal Friday.” – Fox News

“There comes a time in every Republican primary where the frontrunner begins to studiously ignore the also-rans and focus on his likely Democrat opponent. Knowing when to do that is a key skill for any Republican candidate.” – Red State

Reince Priebus is confident that despite recent wavering from the candidates on whether they’d honor their pledge to support their party’s eventual nominee, everyone will eventually get in line — and he’s got leverage to help his cause.” – Politico

“Donald Trump is trying to confuse us.” – CBS News

A Minnesota entrepreneur named Kirk Kjellberg has generated a lot of Internet traffic with his proposed Ideal Conceal Pistol, which resembles a mobile phone until the user clicks a safety, causing a handle to swing down and revealing a trigger. In gun mode, the device has two barrels that each fire a .380-caliber bullet. It’s supposed to be a derringer for the digital age.” – Bloomberg

Donald Trump’s image among U.S. women tilts strongly negative, with 70% of women holding an unfavorable opinion and 23% a favorable opinion of the Republican front-runner in March. Trump’s unfavorable rating among women has been high since Gallup began tracking it last July, but after rising slightly last fall, it has increased even further since January.” – Gallup

“A few days after the 2004 election, Gabriel Rossman went for a job interview with the UCLA sociology department. Rossman was finishing a doctorate at Princeton, and his research on how ownership affects mass-media content was a good fit for a school in the entertainment capital. He got the job as an assistant professor.” – Bloomberg Review

“If abortion is murder, then women who have them are criminals—right?” – Time 

Google is acknowledging that it pranked itself after an April Fool’s Day Gmail tweak angered some people who use Google’s email for work.” – The Blaze


Amazon is ending its affiliate program in Louisiana after legislators passed a lawallowing the state to tax businesses without a physical presence there — the latest stand-off in the company’s long-running, state-by-state battle over Internet sales taxes.” –

“What happens when you rank last in something and you make it even worse?” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

The new governor of Louisiana plans to rescind an executive order issued by former Gov. Bobby Jindal that provided religious liberty protections to objectors of same-sex ‘marriage.'” –

Louisiana entrepreneur Sheldon Williams has launched the ‘Seafood Locator App’ which connects consumers and local fishermen and makes it easier to find the best prices on crawfish, shrimp, crab and oysters, reports” –

Smokers, drinkers, car renters and every shopper around Louisiana will be paying more for their purchases beginning Friday, as millions of dollars in tax hikes passed by lawmakers to help balance the state budget take hold at the beginning of April.” –

Slidell police were searching for a 31-year-old man Thursday night (March 31) after finding human and animal remains at a home earlier this week.” –

“Patrol deputies with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office began wearing body cameras on Thursday.” –The Baton Rouge Advocate

“If the New Orleans City Council won’t allow Robert E. Lee to stand above Lee Circle, why should Andrew Jackson remain in Jackson Square?” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

The attorney for a WBRZ-TV reporter who was handcuffed and briefly detained recently for refusing a White Castle police officer’s directive to leave Town Hall has asked the town to either drop the case against him or step aside and let a state district court handle any proceedings related to the case.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate

A national bipartisan group working on criminal justice reform is backing three House bills in the Louisiana Legislature. They’re aimed at making it easier for people leaving prison to re-enter the community.” –

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