Trump Keeps Whining About Louisiana, Suggests He Won’t Keep His Promise To Back The GOP Nominee

Which is yet another reason why the RNC shouldn’t even consider Trump in Cleveland.

Trump went on CBS’s “Face The Nation” spent most of his 17 minute interview whining. Trump says he was discriminated against in Louisiana. This is because he is losing delegates all over the country to the better organized Cruz campaign. Also, more establishment inclined delegates are backing Cruz to force an open convention.

Here’s Trump’s whining:

In a wide-ranging interview that aired Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Trump was asked if he would tell his supporters to support another Republican if he doesn’t win the party’s nomination.

“I will tell you when we meet at the convention. We’ll see how we’re treated. I want to see how we’re treated. I want to see how we’re treated. Look, I signed a pledge. They wanted me to sign the pledge. And I’m the one that’s being discriminated against,” Trump told host John Dickerson.

The billionaire businessman was referring to the pledge he signed last year that committed him to supporting the eventual GOP presidential nominee and that ruled out a third-party bid. Last week, Trump reneged on that pledge.

As an example of his feeling discriminated against, Trump complained about receiving the same number of delegates in Louisiana as Ted Cruz even though he won the state’s primary by 3 percentage points.

“When I go in and win the state of Louisiana and I get less delegates, that’s not the way the system’s supposed to work,” Trump said, adding that he thinks “it could be illegal, if you want to know the truth.”

After the delegates were allocated, Trump suggested last week that he would file a complaint over the delegates issue.

Trump is making a big deal about how he won Louisiana, but got the same number of delegates Cruz got. But the polling showed that Trump should’ve won Louisiana by a lot more. That failure is on Trump.

The more Trump is around, the less people like him. That’s on him, not the voters.

What the RNC should do is disqualify Trump for violating his pledge. But since the RNC won’t act, the Louisiana Republican Party should. They should declare all 18 of Trump’s delegates unbound. The precedent is 2012 when they stripped Ron Paul of all delegates. That year, Ron Paul’s campaign tried to hijack the Louisiana primary. They also replaced the Ron Paul delegates and should do the same with the Trump delegates.

Trump continues to disqualify himself the more he speaks. I just hope it’s not too late to break the Trump fever.

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