VIDEO: Foster Campbell Makes A Play For The Idiot Vote

This is likely to blow up and make him a major figure in the Senate race, but the stupidity of the slogan – “Works Hard, Talks Straight, Makes Sense” – is enough to make you want to gouge out your eyes with a corkscrew. The part about how he’s pro-life and pro-gun and pro-small business and how he, a career politician if ever there was one, is going to put a stop to politicians selling us out to special interests…please, make it stop.

We’ll inflict this on you, because it’s our job to do so and also because if we had to watch it you should as well.

Edwards has endorsed Campbell and supposedly will be raising money for him, though it will be interesting to see as the year moves along whether having John Bel Edwards’ endorsement and sticking his face in campaign spots actually helps Campbell. It might be useful in getting him into the runoff, something which is assured neither because Campbell is certain to be the top vote-getter among the three Democrats in the Senate race nor because those three Democrats might cut up their share of the electorate in such a way that two Republicans finish in the runoff, but in a general election matchup with, say, John Kennedy, Edwards could be an albatross around Campbell’s neck.

Particularly if the state budget debate plays out as many believe, namely that Edwards demands more sizable tax increases in a June special session and by November the state treasury is loaded with a surplus while the state’s economy continues its dive into the tank. At that point it’s entirely possible that John Bel Edwards will be routinely derided as a Thief and a Liar, and being his candidate for the Senate would not serve as a particular asset.

For now, though, we have the stupid web ad with the hopeful music, the smiling kids and the painfully empty rhetoric. And the usual folks will love it until they find out that Campbell is a Democrat like Obama, which someone else willing to compete for the rube vote will gladly point out.

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