BAYHAM: Observations about the BRexit

In what could be one of the most consequential referendums in the history of democracy, voters in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Gibraltar, and Northern Ireland) registered their support for leaving  the continental confederation that has increasingly assumed the role of super-state governed by an oligarchy.

The importance of the vote could be inferred from the large level of participation, as 72% of the United Kingdom’s 46.5 million eligible voters cast ballots.

After the surprising majority for BRexit by over a million votes, the media went into full “Left Behind” mode.

Northern Ireland and Scottish secessions, conflict with Spain over the Rock, the Free State of London S.S.R., having to get in line behind Ukraine and Turkey to beg for readmittance, economic collapse, locusts, etc, etc.

The vote also triggered a “silly season” by politicians with portfolio across the UK and Spain.

Madrid, which is having a tough enough time holding their current country together in the wake of the Catalonian independence movement, has been making noise that the UK withdrawal somehow means that there should be joint sovereignty over Gibraltar (which gave “Remain” a majority bordering unanimity).

Funny how a country that complains about British possession of land that Britain has held even before there was a UK or a US, has yet to hand over to Morocco the plazas de soberania in North Africa.  I don’t think even the Barbary Apes that reside at the top of the rock even want the Spanish back.

Sinn Fein, the political front for the since disbanded Irish Republican Army terrorist organization,  declared the vote a signal that London can no longer properly represent Ulster in EU negotiations as Northern Ireland had voted to remain in the EU by a 56%-44% margin, and thusly the six counties need to leave the United Kingdom and merge with the republic.

A good many of that Remain majority are Anglo-Scot Protestants who are even more passionate about remaining in the United Kingdom and their support for the EU cannot be deemed a vote for deserting the crown.

Their Gaelic cousins across the North Channel were peddling similar agitprop, as the Scottish National Party leadership declared that vote to exit the European Union is incompatible with the Scottish nation, which had heavily supported sticking in the EU with 62%.

Of course the SNP is largely a gimmick party that largely owes their dominating presence in Alba to the “first to the post” election rules.  Furthermore when the question of Scottish independence was put to the voters two years ago, the secession was resoundingly defeated 55%-45% despite the romanticizing of the fiscally absurd proposition.

So there’s little chance that, as a few news outlets posted, Great Britain will become Little England any time soon, despite the shrieking media over the EU rejection.

Even Chicken Little has to be embarrassed for the Fourth Estate.

However when the press was not penning a second volume to the apocalypse of St. John of Patmos, they were trying to insult the intelligence of those who backed the Brexit, implying they are dolts at best and racists and xenophobes at worst.

They reported that millions of Brits had googled the EU AFTER THE FACT, heaven forbid something receiving wall to wall coverage and leading to the resignation of the Prime Minister would trigger additional interest and reading about the whole matter.  Furthermore some enterprising journalist uncovered that one of the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit regretted his vote.

And then there were the “ageists”, as millennial social media warriors were in full Veruca Salt mode on the old and middle aged for selfishly ruining their futures by voting to get out of the EU, and questioning whether those who are going to be dead soon should have more of a say than teenagers.

Far be it for those who built the comfortable country the youngsters party to put their pence in on the matter.

The pound did drop a bit and stocks took a hit, but uncertainty does that to a market that is easily startled by loud sounds.  And to be blunt, no nation should mortgage its sovereignty for some easily recoverable “points” on the stock market board.

One final note, albeit a point of envy for this American.

In the US we expect the Hollywood crowd to line up fully behind the Democratic candidate for any office.  In fact, if there is a noticeable fault line in the celebrity “community” it’s between progressive combatants, such as those who support Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton and not “fill in the blank” Republican against “fill in the blank” Democrat.

When it comes to the general party line, there is about as much unanimity in show business for the Democratic Party as there was in Gibraltar for staying in the EU.

And while “Remain” had more prominent backers in the entertainment industry, including Patrick Stewart, Helena Bonham Carter, Jude Law, Keira Knightly and many others, “Brexit” also had some celebrity star power.

Michael Caine, black soccer star Sol Campbell (there goes the racist Brexit narrative), Joan Collins, Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, and a few other notables who risked the media backlash to support national sovereignty.

I wonder how many celebrities not named Trump will be addressing the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in a few weeks?  I put the over/under at 3, and that’s counting Stacey Dash.

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