Here’s What A YouTube Celebrity Says About The Alton Sterling Shooting And The BRPD

When this video arrived in our inbox this morning, it was described as coming from the “Top Cop in Louisiana.” But we think “YouTube celebrity” is a better description for the former Public Information Officer of the St. Landry Sheriff’s Department and 3rd District Congressional candidate Captain Clay Higgins. Higgins after all is famous for his videos for Crimestoppers that went viral on YouTube.


He did a 4 minute video on YouTube, wearing his Lafayette City Marshal’s uniform, talking about the Baton Rouge police and their response to the Alton Sterling shooting.

Higgins calls the protesters “Alinskyite agitators” and defends the Baton Rouge Police Department. He calls the national press “despicable forces of division and hatred” who seek the “destruction of the American citizenry.” Finally, Higgins saluted his “brothers and sisters behind the badge” in Baton Rouge.

The four minute video was as always way too long. You can’t make this into a TV ad like you can for shorter videos. Not to mention that hardly anyone will sit there and watch a four minute long video. Then again, Higgins doesn’t have the money to run TV since he only raised $70,000 last quarter.

Clay Higgins talks a good game on TV, but there’s nothing else to him. He speaks conservatism as a second language and when he tries to “relate to us”, he falls flat. This was not one of his better videos, although he is undoubtedly sincere in his support for the police.

Hopefully as Higgins stalls out in the polls, other conservatives in the race can get daylight. Conservatives have the choice between a successful businessman and a former U.S. Ambassador. While I have nothing against Scott Angelle, it’s always good to pressure him from the right.

But Clay Higgins is not that man.

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