Obama To Honor New Orleans For Opening City To Flood Of Immigrants And Refugees Under Federal Project

President Obama and the White House will honor the city of New Orleans as one of their more than 50 experimental projects where the federal government asked local governments to open their doors to mass immigration and refugee dumping.

The White House announced today that it would “celebrate the success of the Building Welcoming Communities Campaign,” which asked localities to take on a flood of immigrants and refugees, all while helping them integrate into the area.

Integration, as far as immigration lingo is concerned, is far different from assimilation. Integration is simply understood as getting immigrants and refugees signed up to become citizens, or getting them into schools and onto the public healthcare rolls.

Whereas assimilation, as understood by immigration experts, assumes that immigrants and refugees are taught American values, history and culture in order to better understand their new country.

The White House press release on the project profoundly points out that one of the main objectives for a city like New Orleans participating in the project is introducing refugees and immigrants to the citizenship process and possibly putting them on a fast-track to gain it.

“And what’s been exciting is how many local communities are taking it upon themselves to welcome our newest Americans into the fold and introduce them to the both the rights and responsibilities, as well as benefits of citizenship,” the White House release states.

Oddly enough, Landrieu’s close friend and ally, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake entered her city into the program as well, though like New Orleans, the area is hardly able to maintain itself with crime and poverty.

New Orleans has become a target region for the open borders lobby in recent years.

Earlier this year, the Hayride exclusively reported how open borders organizations with big business and bureaucratic clout were trying to flood the city with an influx of immigrants and refugees, all under the guise of “foreign workers.”

The Partnership for a New American Century, a group led by big business and liberal politicians,  has chosen New Orleans for one of their many “Gateways for Growth” grant, in which foreign workers will be competing with the city’s native population for jobs.

The open borders activist group pushes for mass amnesty for illegal immigrants while promoting massive influxes in the country’s foreign guest worker programs.

Interestingly enough, the most prominent members of the open borders group are big business henchmen and political power-players who have previously colluded to triple the amount of foreign guest workers in the country.

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