Racists Supporting David Duke Viciously Attack GOP Senate Candidate Abhay Patel On Twitter After He Denounces Duke

Since former KKK Grand Wizard, tax cheat, Russian propagandist, and attention whore “Dr.” David Duke announced his entry into the Senate race, he has been supported by the “alt-right” on Twitter. The “alt-right” are reactionaries and white nationalists who smear anyone who is perceived to be “enemies of Western Civilization” by which they mean “white people.” These people normally tweet behind either anime or classical portrait avatars.

Abhay Patel is more of what the Republican Party needs. He’s young, the son of Indian immigrants, successful in business, articulate, and devoted to the principles of Constitutionally-limited government. He’s nearly the perfect foil against David Duke.

Patel released a video attacking Duke and challenging him to a debate.

As of writing, this video only has 58 views but it and some tweets from Patel were enough to make the David Duke mob angry.


Here are just some of the “highlights” from the racist mob that’s supporting David Duke, who have since spammed nearly all of Patel’s recent tweets.





After his beatdown by Rob Maness, Duke has outsourced his Twitter insults to these tools.

The Patel campaign released a statement blaming Duke for these attacks. They said he followed Patel on Twitter and the racial attacks began soon after. They have demanded that Duke disavow the racist attacks, but we don’t think it will be forthcoming.


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