Today Is The End Of The #NeverTrump Movement

Not that it was a serious movement in any event.

Today is the end of the #NeverTrump movement. There are two things that brought the movement to an end.

First up, the Clinton non-indictment over her emails. Many conservatives who would’ve been inclined to oppose Trump see this as the beginning of turning America into a Banana Republic. All over social media, I’m seeing people transform from #NeverTrump to #NeverClinton in the wake of the decision. Many people think the investigation and how it was done is a farce.

Secondly, the alternatives are lining up behind Trump. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker formally endorsed Trump today.

In the latest signs that opposition to a Trump nomination is crumbling, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now saying that he will speak at the GOP convention and will back Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Right Wisconsin goes on to list all the various things Trump has said about Walker and that he has refused to apologize for. Walker for his part is not asking for an apology.

Commentary‘s Noah Rothman pretty much sums it up

This is pretty much the end. You can’t beat something with nothing. Trump will be coronated and he will be the Republican nominee.

Will I support him? Nope.

Just because Hillary Clinton is a crook doesn’t make Trump a good president. I’m honestly inclined to stay home at this point.


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