Capt. Clay Higgins Says Red Cross Kicked Him Out Of Shelter For Praying With Flood Victims

Louisiana’s Capt. Clay Higgins, who is also running for US Congress, alleges that the American Red Cross kicked him out of one of their shelters for having a Bible on him and praying with flood victims in the wake of unprecedented flooding across the state.

In a report by Todd Starnes, Higgins said he was at the shelter in his police uniform to offer prays of encouragement, but soon found that the volunteers at the Red Cross had a problem with his visit.

Todd Starnes reports:

At some point during the visit a volunteer approached Higgins and mentioned there was a problem.

“He said the Red Cross had an issue with me being there,” Higgins said. “So I asked him what the problem was. He looked down at my Bible and he gestured and said, ‘They have a problem with that.’”

Higgins said he was escorted to a Red Cross supervisor who asked him to leave.

“I was told that the Red Cross does not allow spiritual counseling in their shelters,” he said. “The supervisor told me the Red Cross is not a religious-based organization and they don’t allow religious interaction with the residents.”

Higgins, who has positioned himself as a pro-law and order, Trump-like outsider in his Congressional race, said his Christian compassion was not welcome in the Red Cross shelter, though a spokesman with the shelter told the organization that if he had spoken with management, they may not have had a problem.

Higgins’ case is not the only one where Christians are finding it difficult to read the Bible in Red Cross shelters.

In Albany, reports claim that four Christian families left a shelter after they were told they could not read their Bibles in their cots.

A local pastor who is taking in Christian flood victims told Starnes that when he went to the Red Cross shelter, he found other families and residents who echoed the same concerns, saying that the shelters did not want religious prayers taking place in the areas.

A spokesman with the Red Cross, Elizabeth Penniman, rebutted the claim, saying “This is simply not true. Those in our shelters are always welcome to pray and gather among themselves.”

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