The ‘Cajun Navy’ Is Out Rescuing Flood Victims Again Today

The flooding here in Louisiana is not even close to being over. So once again the heroes and volunteers of the “Cajun Navy” are at work again.

This morning, they’re gathering in Ascension Parish.

  • 1. Boats have been requested at Cabela’s in Gonzales

  • 2. Check in with the EOC command center and tell them you are with Cajun Navy

  • 3. Boats will be paired with a deputy who will guarantee you access through roadblocks and to necessary launch sites

  • 4. Bring coffee, donuts, and other snacks if possible for the deputies and command center staff


  • 5. Flat boats and air boats ONLY

  • 6. Bring as few crew members as possible to increase boat compactly for victims

  • 7. We are using ZELLO (walkie talkie app) and Glympse (GPS app) to coordinate dispatch; download those apps and we can help you get to the proper channels (no bystanders please); bring backup phone battery packs if possible.

  • 8. Bring water, Gatorade, and compact food items along for supply drops

The “Cajun Navy” has even set up a Facebook group to coordinate rescue efforts.  They’re developing a pretty sophisticated operation that’s complimenting the official first responders.


There are even several discussion threads on going where group members are dispatching boats to addresses where people are still trapped.


The people of Louisiana are still very grateful for their neighbors coming to their aid.

11 years ago, we tried waiting for the government after Katrina. Thousands of Louisianians died as a result of that massive failure of government on all levels. We learned that we had to save and take care of ourselves as a state and people.

In this crisis, the people of Louisiana have stepped up and made their state proud.



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