The Low Popahirum, August 23, 2016


“Posing as a British solicitor, a con man sought information on the operatives’ plans to attack Trump.” – Politico

A senior executive at the Clinton Foundation left almost 150 telephone messages for Hillary Clinton’s top aide at the State Department within a two-year time frame, according to previously unpublished documents obtained by Fox News.” – Fox News

Andrea Tantaros, a former Fox News host, charged in a lawsuit filed Monday that top executives at the network, including the man who replaced Roger Ailes, punished her for complaining about sexual harassment by Mr. Ailes.” – New York Times

“The opportunity this gives the Democrats is clear: they will have the latitude and incentives to expand their coalition, forming the equivalent of a new American Tory party.” – The Federalist

 “Office rent soared in July after Trump’s campaign began accepting donor contributions.” – Huffington Post

“Donald Trump is teetering on the brink of a historic defeat, but Republican National Committee officials are poised to reward the party’s chairman Reince Priebus with another term.” – Politico

“After spending a few days reflecting on his immigration stances and consulting with Hispanic supporters, Donald Trump on Monday detailed how he would deal with the millions of immigrants illegally living in the United States: Enforce laws that are already on the books and continue to do what President Obama is doing, although ‘perhaps with a lot more energy.'” –Washington Post

“When a patient shows up at a hospital with severe abdominal pain and an ultrasound reveals a mass in his stomach, it’s only logical to think first of a tumor, perhaps cancer.” – The Washington Post

Summer is usually a time for light reading, and for the most part, I indulged the usual array of historical novels, science fiction as well as my passion for ancient history. But two compelling books out this year led me to more somber thoughts about the prospects for the decline and devolution of western society.” – OC Register

Former Fox News host Andrea Tantaros filed a lawsuit against her former employer Monday, claiming top executives at the network punished her for complaining about sexual harassment by ousted chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, according to a report from the New York Times.” – The Blaze


Last week’s devastating south Louisiana floods, which have forced tens of thousands of people overnight to look for housing, comes at a time when the metro Baton Rouge housing market was already grappling with a limited inventory of homes.” – The Baton Rouge Advocate 

How many houses were damaged in the Louisiana Flood of 2016? How many people were affected?” –

President Barack Obama will be in Baton Rouge on Tuesday (Aug. 23) to survey the destruction brought by days of rain and overflowing rivers across parishes in central Louisiana.” –

A group of Louisiana musicians are planning a fundraising concert to help area flood victims.” –

“With tens of thousands of southern Louisiana homeowners beginning to clean up after devastating floods tore through their homes, the Louisiana film industry has figured out a way to lend a hand or a few thousand hands.” –

LSU students returned to campus on Monday and students have been sharing their experiences about last week’s flood. Neighborhoods not too far from campus have been left in destruction.” –

A Navy veteran who served in San Diego is among those devastated by the Louisiana flooding.” –

“The distribution of disaster-related food stamps, known as DSNAP, began on Monday in Livingston Parish.” –

“From 5,000 feet up, it’s difficult to make out where Louisiana’s coastline used to be. But follow the skeletal remains of decades-old oil canals, and you get an idea. Once, these lanes sliced through thick marshland, clearing a path for pipelines or ships. Now they’re surrounded by open water, green borders still visible as the sea swallows up the shore.” – Chicago Tribune

The tropics are quite active with two tropical systems and a third may form later this week, but none pose an immediate threat to the United States.  This is not uncommon for this time of year as the peak of hurricane season is about two and half weeks away.  Late August through early October it is fairly normal to see several tropical systems ongoing at one time.” –

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