INTERESTING: What Did Bill Cassidy Say About Donald Trump?

Apparently, Sen. Bill Cassidy sees the writing on the wall – that Donald Trump is not going to win this election. He’s suggested as much in a recent interview on C-SPAN, and other statements at town hall meetings seem to confirm his thoughts.

Asked during an interview on C-SPAN’s Newsmakers program about whether Trump, Louisiana senate candidate David Duke, and a growing number of pro-Trump white supremacists have hurt the GOP’s brand, Cassidy said Republicans’ electoral woes this fall aren’t so much a question of policy, but rather Trump himself.

“The message that we have is pretty good… it may turn out that Mr. Trump is not the messenger. Maybe he is. But it really seems to boil down to Mr. Trump’s personality being not what people like, as opposed to some of the issues,” Cassidy said.

Now, Cassidy doesn’t come across as the bold, speak-his-mind type that others (read: Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse) are, so an off-hand statement like this is interesting, and perhaps even surprising. However, it’s not some thing that can or should be blown up… but it can be speculated on, so here you go:

If Cassidy is saying this out loud, it could signal one of two things: The first is that he’s coming out of his shell a bit as a politician, which is overall a good thing for him. But, it could also mean that Senate leadership, who favored him immensely in his senate run, is getting ready to distance themselves from the seemingly inevitable failure that is the 2016 election.

Or, it could simply just be a personal thought he expressed more or less as a throwaway. Who knows for sure right now? 2016 has been incredibly confusing for all of us.

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