The Battlefield, September 30, 2016: Because Obama Is In On It

Why is Hillary getting away with her e-mail scandal, and why is everyone else involved in it seemingly getting immunity?

National Review has cracked the code, and said something everybody has been suspecting but so far nobody has had the stones to make a public accusation of: because Barack Obama would have to be indicted as well.

Here’s a video summing up the case for Obama’s complicity…

The truth of this was laid down last week, when it was disclosed that not only did Obama send and receive emails with Clinton on that illegal homebrewed bathroom server she used as secretary of state, he did it under a pseudonym.

And when Huma Abedin, the Muslim Brotherhood brat and soon-to-be ex-wife of New York pervert and disgraced ex-congressman Anthony Weiner who happens to be Hillary’s chief of staff and caretaker, found out about it her reaction was “How is this not classified?” Then she asked for a copy of the e-mail.

On Monday Andy McCarthy giftwrapped all of this for everybody

Abedin knew an insurance policy when she saw one. If Obama himself had been e-mailing over a non-government, non-secure system, then everyone else who had been doing it had a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Thanks to Friday’s FBI document dump — 189 more pages of reports from the Bureau’s year-long foray (“investigation” would not be the right word) into the Clinton e-mail scandal — we now know for certain what I predicted some eight months ago here at NRO: Any possibility of prosecuting Hillary Clinton was tanked by President Obama’s conflict of interest.

As I explained in February, when it emerged that the White House was refusing to disclose at least 22 communications Obama had exchanged with then-secretary Clinton over the latter’s private e-mail account, we knew that Obama had knowingly engaged in the same misconduct that was the focus of the Clinton probe: the reckless mishandling of classified information.

Who else is dirty in this scandal? Why, James Comey – the FBI director who had been compromised by the Clintons even prior to his current appointment. Comey was, from 2005 to 2010, general counsel and vice president at Lockheed Martin, and the defense contractor had been a major donor to the Clinton Foundation in return for the state department signing off on a weapons-export deal it wanted…

Boeing was one of three companies that helped deliver money personally to Bill Clinton while benefiting from weapons authorizations issued by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. The others were Lockheed and the financial giant Goldman Sachs.

Lockheed is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, which paid Bill Clinton $250,000 to speak at an event in 2010. Three days before the speech, Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved two weapons export deals in which Lockheed was listed as the prime contractor.

Over the course of 2010, Lockheed was a contractor on 17 Pentagon-brokered deals that won approval from the State Department. Lockheed told IBTimes that its support for the Clinton Foundation started in 2010, while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.

The pay-for-play appearances involving Comey and the Clinton Foundation are fairly extensive, also involving Comey’s status as a board member of the London-based international bank HSBC, which is joined at the hip with the Clinton Foundation, and this interesting nugget

The conservative publication Breitbart notes one further connection between James Comey and the Clinton Foundation, this time regarding his brother Peter Comey. As the publication was able to confirm, Peter Comey is the “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas” for DLA Piper.

Interestingly, Peter Comey took out a mortgage on a home that is owned by James Comey. The $711,000 mortgage substantiates a financial relationship between James Comey and his brother.

DLA Piper is the number six campaign contributor to Hillary Clinton’s political campaigns since 1989 with over $939,101 in total contributions. It has also given between $50,000-$100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. If the name DLA Piper looks familiar, it was the firm tasked with auditing the Clinton Foundation.

In short, Comey was put in charge of investigating Hillary when he should have recused himself due to multiple conflicts of interest. Now it would appear that with the Democrats in charge we won’t get what we really need – namely, someone to investigate Comey. Particularly when he sits there quietly and gets annihilated and humiliated by Trey Gowdy in a congressional hearing in this fashion…

Gowdy won’t go there and say the obvious, but we will – Comey is corrupt, as is everyone involved here. The FBI’s investigation of the Clinton e-mails is a coverup and a badly done coverup at that. It was also a necessary, if messy, action. Because the corruption involved in the Hillary e-mail scandal is total. It goes all the way to the top, and if the Democrats hold the White House there is no chance anyone – anyone at all – will ever face justice for flagrant and serious violations of the law.

It is this outrage which explains why your author, who for months had nothing but disgust for Donald Trump as the GOP nominee, in this space last week grudgingly gave support to him. Trump is awful, but the breadth and depth of this scandal and the rancid stench it gives off covers the entirety of the federal government. Trump wouldn’t seem to be a particular cure for government dishonesty, but with Trump you will at least see a housecleaning at DOJ and some effort made to punish the people involved in this scandal.

If no one is held accountable for these flagrant violations of federal law, then law itself is the victim – because the government no longer has any moral claim to compel the cooperation of the governed in this country. We are literally talking about the end of America as we know it. Trump is no prize, but he’s all that stands between us and the abyss.

Simplistic-Weapon-12-Battle-Axes-in-Saltire – Did you see Obama’s Labor Secretary Thomas Perez rejoice that Antonin Scalia’s death makes it easier for public employees to unionize?

If not, take a look…

Perez might be the worst of all. He headed the Civil Rights Section at DOJ before he was elevated to Secretary of Labor, and his abuses are legion.

By Perez’ standard of humanity toward Scalia, America will benefit greatly from his passing.

Simplistic-Weapon-12-Battle-Axes-in-Saltire – In the debate Monday night, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t shut up about Donald Trump’s tax returns. That isn’t a colossal surprise; Trump not releasing those returns was a major political mistake. He should have gotten them out early and dealt with whatever negatives were in them, and the GOP should have withheld a vote on his nomination until he did so.

But we’re past that now, and Trump’s tax returns are what they are. Assuredly those returns don’t help him, and it’s probable given the corruption of the current administration that within the next couple of weeks those returns will leak out of the IRS to maximum political effect.

But what about Hillary’s taxes? While Trump inarticulately made the point during the debate that attempting to evade as much taxation as possible is an intelligent thing for one of those paying a disproportionate sum to the government to do. That applies to Hillary as well, you know – she just does things a little differently.

Like for example, rather than hiding income from the government she just takes deductions and writeoffs on her own illegality.

Tax deductions that Bill and Hillary Clinton took for computer maintenance expenses match up closely with payments they made to Bryan Pagliano, Hillary Clinton’s personal email technician, a Daily Caller investigation reveals.

The payments to Pagliano were revealed in notes released on Friday from his Dec. 22 interview with the bureau. Investigators cited documents showing that the Clintons made a $5,000 transfer to Pagliano in 2009, and another in June 2011 for $8,350.83.

The Clintons’ publicly available tax filings show that the former first couple deducted similar amounts from Bill Clinton’s speechmaking income for computer maintenance expenses in those same years.

The Clintons also depreciated computer equipment that was put in service in June 2011 — the same month Pagliano traveled to the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua, N.Y. to work on the server — as well as at other times when major changes were made to the off-the-books email system.

The similarities in the deductions and server payments are not definitive proof that the Clintons wrote off the money they paid to Pagliano. But none of the available evidence rules it out.

Notably, the tax deductions are larger than the payments to Pagliano. If the inverse was true — if the tax deductions were smaller than the payments to Pagliano — that would suggest that the deductions were for something other than the payments to the technician. The Clintons and Pagliano could help settle the matter, but they did not respond to requests for comment.

The IRS does not allow taxpayers to deduct personal expenses, and Clinton treated the private email server as a personal device. She declined to tell the State Department she used it, and she kept it at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y.

Go on, Hillary. Tell us some more about Trump cheating on his taxes. It’s riveting to hear you regale us with that.


Simplistic-Weapon-12-Battle-Axes-in-Saltire – We’re all politics, all the time in this installment of The Battlefield, so even Today’s Last Thing is political.

But if we could find funny animal videos or movie trailers with this much entertainment value, we’d use one. This is better.

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