APPEL: On Trump’s Taxes And Faux Leftist Outrage

The one great advantage that America has always had over the world is a vibrant and resourceful business sector. This American philosophy is a carryover from the earliest times of our country when the fight for freedom was truly a fight against foreign control of the colonial mercantile system. Beyond periodic minor incursions, socialism has not made significant inroads into American culture simply because of the history of societal success that Americans value from a free and open marketplace.

This is why there is so much irony in the feigned outrage of the liberal class over the allegations that Trump has paid marginal taxes over the past many years. It is ironic because to a great extent it is the convoluted tax code itself, largely designed by this same liberal class, that encourages business people to make investments that minimize taxes.

Business follows a simple rule; it will do whatever it takes within the law to make a profit and to keep that profit. There is nothing immoral or unethical about this, it is after all what has made America great. There is no parallel here to a President who dishonors his oath to the nation by using the White House to satisfy his own personal desires. There is no parallel here to a Senior Administration official who attempts to hide questionable activity from the American people by evading the law on the security of communications and then lies and destroys evidence to cover up. There is no parallel here to a family enterprise that raises hundreds of millions from foreign powers that seek political and business advantages because a member of that of that family is in a position of high authority and can grant such advantages.

No, as long as a business abides by the law, there is absolutely nothing wrong, immoral or unethical when that business uses the law to reduce or even eliminate taxes.

But here is the greatest irony, the tax code that we have today has been adulterated by uncounted tax breaks put in purposefully to promote liberal causes. There are tax breaks for to support investment in inner cities, there are tax rebates for people who don’t pay taxes, there are tax breaks to support unions, there are tax breaks to support the purchase of certain goods manufactured by allies of the liberal class, there are tax breaks to aid special classes of people who would support liberal causes, there are tax breaks for all kinds of liberal projects that fit a political agenda but that will never be economically viable. And most ironical of all, there are numerous massive tax breaks for Wall Street and Hollywood, the largest source of support and contributions to liberal causes.

Now I am not suggesting that the tax code does not equally benefit supporters and allies of conservative causes. It absolutely does, but it is the irony of the liberals excoriating Trump on his legal use of the tax code that is absurd.

Here’s a unique idea, let’s get rid of all the favorable treatments within the tax code and just have everyone and every business pay a small percentage of their income or, another way, a percentage of their spending.

No politically favorable treatment for anyone, everyone contributes a fair share. Now that’s something that will never be supported by the liberal class; nor I might add anyone else who lives on the Washington merry-go- round for that matter!

The great scandal is not that Trump uses the law to reduce his taxes; no, it is that we Americans have allowed this whole tax system to get where it is today. The political class in Washington knows how to control us, they take as much as they can from us in taxes and then dole it out to their friends and allies.

Focus the tax law on raising the minimum amount of money needed to run the government and suddenly American blossoms.

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