APPEL: Politics Is Disgusting These Days, Isn’t It?

I don’t know about you but I am absolutely disgusted with politics at all levels. I know you are going to ask how that can be so because I am one of “them!”

Well its really easy, I am naive. I so want to believe in the good nature of people and that as politicians we can put aside our personal good for the good of the people. What can I say, reality stinks. Though the vast majority of people in elected office believe in this premise, there seems to be just enough that are in it for themselves to spoil the reputation of all.

And to make matters worse we now have a 24 hour news cycle. The news media is more about pushing their own agenda than about reporting the news. They tell us that they are entertainment outlets but then they hide any visage of being entertainment behind all the trappings of a news service. Good for making money, but our people have a difficult time parsing true news from political theater.

So yes, I am disgusted! Perhaps a better expression would be disappointed that after 200 plus years of the great American experiment, politics has resolved itself into soap opera!

Bang, it hit me squarely Sunday morning! I have no right to be disappointed. Right there on TV was the beauty of America.

On Fox Sunday morning, the Washington U marching band was interviewed. Bright happy kids of all races. They were working to earn their place in American society, to make things better for everyone. They were studying amazing things, all happy and glowing. They are our future, not some phony politicians and media outlets who would sacrifice our Republic for their own good.

I do not have the right to be down as long as America produces dynamite kids that reflect the best of all of us. I do not have the right to be disgusted because these kids promise so much, way more than any dirt slinging political wannabes.

So to Hillary, Donald, and all the others who have lost their way; just look around at the next generation and remember why you started down this road. So TV people, stop feeding us garbage that makes you lots of money but degrades our great country.

And to you, our next generation, I promise that I will never be down as long as you guys keep smiling and working hard. Your beautiful future is more than enough motivation for all of us.

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