BAYHAM: Trump (Or Else)

I’m going to skip through the standard preliminary statement I’ve prefaced practically every pro-Trump column I’ve written (didn’t vote for him in the primary nor at the convention, called for him to step down- several times, etc.) because there’s little need.

If you weren’t an original passenger on the Trump Train, then you probably held out on coming aboard until the latest possible time for reasons that the media ceaselessly broadcasts or are reminded by the candidate himself.
One of the most common lines dropped by “Latter Day Trump Supporters” is that there isn’t a choice in the matter. It’s either Hillary or The Donald.

Oh sure there are, exclaim the #NeverTrump crowd.

One of them is the Libertarian Party ticket consisting of recovering moderate Republicans Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

It should be noted that Weld has said he’s more interested in beating Trump than Hillary. Who can really blame him since Hillary’s husband tried to appoint him ambassador to Mexico (God bless you Jesse Helms for wrecking that).
For the establishment types there is the Neo-Con candidacy of Evan McMullin that is a stand in for folks like Mitt Romney and those members of the Bush family not voting for Hillary Clinton, as few as there may be.

Despite the fairy tale that is being spun on Nate Silver’s increasingly partisan fivethirtyeight election website, McMullin (who isn’t on the ballot in most states) cannot win the presidency. The story is a disingenuous means of conning conservatives who are not uncomfortable with Trump to waste their vote.

Then there’s the Constitution Party, which is a true conservative “Make A Wish” group. I personally agree with them on practically everything except the reality of their success. But to their credit, nominee Darrell Castle is at least on the ballot on over twice as many states as McMullin.

And if you are a Republican with a strong dislike for Trump, or someone who really doesn’t want Hillary Clinton as president, all three of those options are nothing more than recycling bins of differing shades for your ballot.
The #NeverTrump cabal seeks to appeal to conservatives’ sense of decency, personal morality, sanctimony, ego, or whatever emotional trigger they can exploit to stop you from voting for Trump and by default, elect Hillary Clinton.

Because that is the end goal of the Glenn Becks, Erick Ericksons, and others who make money off of politics and government.

They set themselves and their brand and political interests against Trump early and need him to lose. It’s business and it’s personal.

But while a Trump Administration would be their problem, a Hillary Clinton administration would be America’s.

At the end of the day we are voting for more than just one person and/or their running mate.

We’re also voting for more than just the filling of what could be up to four Supreme Court vacancies.

The matter of the judiciary is a well-worn justification that has been used by the party establishment to cajole conservatives to vote for Romney and John McCain, and many sincere conservatives are tired of hearing it used once again.

However, it’s still valid and considering how Trump has tipped his hand on the matter, he has given greater assurances of solid constitutionalists being appointed than any previous nominee.
We are not just voting for a president; we are voting for a government, from secretary of state down to the lowest non-civil service employee.

Voters have the opportunity to clear out from the federal bureaucracy the unelected leftist ideologues who have foisted their world view via arbitrarily created federal regulations on to farmers and the political hatchet men and women who have used the awesome power of the state to harass the political opposition from their respective departments.

At the risk of potentially offending my party’s nominee, this election is bigger than Trump.

This election is about an administration.

And while the thought of seeing Donald Trump scowling from behind the famous Resolute desk might not sit well for many voters, who do you want to see sitting across from it advising him on policy: Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani. Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich or Sandinista Catholic Tim Kaine and the pack of leftist jackals who were plotting the infiltration of the nation’s largest Christian denomination for political purposes?

We don’t have to like the candidates but we do need to recognize the reality and accept the consequences of our vote and advocacy, not just for us individually but as a nation and society.

A Hillary Clinton presidency and all that will come with it ought to be completely unacceptable to any individual who considers himself or herself a conservative or on a non-ideological level, anyone who is dissatisfied with the overall direction of the country during the past eight years.

The choice is not pretty, but it is clear.

On Tuesday, November 8th vote for the Republican presidential electors and a Republican administration.

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