BAYHAM: Why Liberals Should Not Vote For Hillary

If you’re a liberal, this election ought to be an easy choice between a billionaire Republican and the first woman ever nominated to the top spot of a national party ticket.

Yet there’s something not quite right isn’t there?

If you think so, you’re not alone.

Over 13 million people voted against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries, roughly 43%, a substantial number considering the advantages Clinton possessed.  Amongst party activists who participated in caucuses, Hillary’s share was less than 40%.

Below are some things a liberal should consider before “falling into line” for Hillary.

1)      She tried to steal the nomination from Obama in 2008: Here’s a bit of history that Hillary is hoping you forgot.  During the midst of the Democratic primaries, Hillary Clinton tried to have the rules changed to count the Michigan and Florida presidential primaries after the DNC had stripped them of delegates for voting prior to the allowed date.  Obama followed the rules and didn’t participate in ether primary, not even having his name listed on the Michigan ballot.  Hillary opted not to withdraw and won a basically uncontested election.  In Florida, Hillary violated the spirit of her pledge by visiting the state to attend fundraisers and then flew in to claim victory.  It would hardly be the last time Hillary would try to game the system.

2)      She “cheated” again in 2016:  What is it about Hillary Clinton and not following rules, laws, policies, ethics, etc.  Insurgent candidate Bernie Sanders emerged as the lone credible challenger to Clinton in the Democratic primaries.  While it was assumed Hillary would have the political establishment with her, folks naively hoped that the refs, that being the Democratic National Committee, would call a fair game.  That did not happen.  It was exposed that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the national party conspired to sabotage Sanders, forcing the party head to resign at the start of the national convention.

3)      The Queen of Wall Street Money: Clinton has received an estimated $64 million dollars from commercial banks, securities and investment concerns, and financiers.  In contrast, Clinton’s Republican opponent has raked in less than $2 million.  It’s obvious whose campaign the “banksters” are investing their money.

4)      The end of the progressive movement within the Democratic Party: If Hillary wins the White House, the rising progressive tide within the Democratic Party will be broken.  A Hillary handpicked pol will head the DNC and Clinton loyalists will staff the government.  On the other hand if Clinton were to lose and with the established Democratic backbench as thin as it is, progressives could fill the vacuum in the aftermath of a Clinton defeat and take over the party rather than settling for meaningless platform plank crumbs.  I saw first-hand at a Las Vegas caucus site how Team Hillary plays, with union members ringing the perimeter of the caucus attendees shouting down pro-Bernie speakers.

5)      Hillary is the war candidate:  During the administration of George W. Bush, the Democrats tried to define themselves as the party of peace.  But what has really changed since W went to Texas and President Obama picked up his Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo.  Syria is a far more volatile place than Iraq on its worse day as the presence of Russian military forces deployed to protect the Assad regime represent a fuse that could ignite a chain reaction of greater conflict.  Our relations with Russia are at the lowest point since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

6)      Hillary is not a pioneer, she’s an opportunist:  America will have a female president soon, if not this upcoming January.  And while all of those 1970s era images of Hillary are meant to convey a kind of authenticity, her rise is not the stuff of inspiration.  Hillary Clinton got to be a national figure by being someone’s wife and then torpedoed feminist New York congresswoman Nita Lowey’s expected bid to run for US Senator.  Hillary had Lowey’s back much the way Brutus had Caesar’s.

7)      Trump will be a one termer if elected:  At age 70, it’s highly unlikely Trump will seek a second term.  For progressives, that’s the difference between renewing the fight in 2020 versus 2024.

8)      Canceling Dynasty 2.0: You have to give the Republicans credit, they dispatched their political family by the South Carolina primary.  The Democrats were not so lucky.  There are over 300 million people in the United States, yet a Bush or a Clinton has occupied the Oval Office for 20 of the past 28 years.  If Hillary wins and serves a full term, it’ll be 24 of the past 32.

Liberals who can’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary have three options: stay home, vote for a third party, or, dare I suggest, vote for Trump.

Doing the one of the first two might clean your conscience but doing the latter could potentially clear the Clinton machine out of the Democratic Party, allowing the new leadership to focus on the issues they care about instead of protecting the political interests of the political family that just won’t go away.

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