Nobody Knows Nothin’

What do you people want me to say? I’m completely flabbergasted that the guy from The Apprentice is going to be president of the United States.

I could cook you up some punditry to explain all this. I could give you nuggets of information from exit polls, I could offer up some demographics on who turned out and who didn’t, I could give you a deep dive into some of the battleground states – I could do all of that.

But here’s what I can say to sum it all up: Hillary Clinton was simply a bridge too far for the American people. And the mainstream media attempting to force her down the country’s throat was simply too much.

More than Americans were willing to bear.

They offered up a nominee who was under criminal investigation by the FBI and demanded that Americans make her president, and the country said “No.”

It’s really as simple as that.

The fact is, Donald Trump won this election with fewer votes than Mitt Romney got. He won with fewer than John McCain got. He underperformed against GOP senate incumbents in most of the battleground states where they were running. As of this writing there are going to be 53 Republican seats in the Senate, which is something nobody in the Democrat Party thought was possible.

But Hillary got seven million less votes than Barack Obama got in 2012. This had a whole lot less to do with Trump than it did with her.

There is no point in minimizing Trump’s achievement. This is the kind of Black Swan political event that goes down in history. But looking over the numbers, the guess here is had the GOP nominated somebody with less baggage and a more articulate campaign last night’s carnage could have been a whole lot worse. After all, the national vote looks close enough that she might have actually gotten more votes than Trump did by 100,000 or so.

But it doesn’t matter. He flipped a bunch of states from Romney in 2012. He’s sitting at 274 electoral votes; she’s at 218. Before it’s done he likely tops 300. It’s a catastrophe of biblical proportions for the Democrats, or it would be if the Democrats ever read the Bible.

And this is something the talking heads and the pollsters and the experts wouldn’t have told you was possible. They blew it. Everybody had it wrong.

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