VIDEO: Here’s Trump’s Closing Ad

It’s gone viral, as the Trump fans think it’s the greatest thing ever.

Are they right?

It’s certainly an effective ad, and Trump, who had the least substance of any of the 17 GOP presidential hopefuls in this cycle, is talking about a great deal more substance than Hillary is – she seems to be closing with an old ad showing kids watching TV with Trump on the tube saying lewd and inappropriate things, plus another ad with a wimpy looking “Republican” with bad teeth who says he switched his support to Hillary after the Access Hollywood tape came out.

The problem with the ad, and the :60 version which is on TV right now, is that it’s not particularly hopeful. It’s a bit dark. It talks about globalist conspiracies, and a malevolent, corrupt elite. Which in and of itself isn’t out of bounds; whoever the GOP nominee would have been in this cycle should have talked about those things because that’s how you want to paint Hillary such that her various scandals make sense to casual voters – she’s a member of that malevolent, corrupt elite and therefore thinks she can get away with things that would put you in jail for the rest of your life.

But it doesn’t spend a whole lot of time talking about the better day just ahead when you make Trump president. It talks about how the people can vote out the political establishment, but that’s about as hopeful as it gets. It doesn’t pay off the ask by adding a few deliverables, like “We’ll get our economy moving so everybody who wants a productive full-time job can get one,” or “We’ll make sure our foreign policy reflects American interests, and not the interests of a narrow global elite,” or “We’ll get the federal government out of the business of assaulting American traditions, so you can raise your kids in the way you think is best.”

One wishes you’d see a little more of that, as without it you’re left with the image of Trump as the angry white guy who’s running for office because he doesn’t like his opponents. Which is still better than the ridiculous, substance-free campaign Clinton is pushing, complete with F-bombs from Jay-Z and harangues about the end of the world from Barack Obama. But complaining about her corruption isn’t as good as running on putting an end to that corruption by doing X, Y and Z about it.

But with Trump, you take half-victories where you can find them, and hope they add up to a full victory where it counts on Tuesday. The odds don’t favor that, but it’s still possible. And while his closing ad could have made a bit stronger argument, it does offer some merit to his campaign.

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