Even More Great Moments In Obnoxious Lefty Letter-Writing

The e-mails, phone calls and letters pouring into electors pledged to Donald Trump demanding they abandon their pledge and vote for Hillary Clinton when the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19 haven’t seemed to abate.

Christian Gil, the Louisiana Trump elector from New Iberia whose correspondence from Democrats who can’t handle Hillary Clinton’s loss has made it into several Hayride posts thus far, has informed us he’s now received more than 34,000 e-mails from Clintonites upset they lost and demanding that he help them reverse the results of the election.

Here was one of them…

Dear Elector,

My name is Suzanne Ross from Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the values and principles of our nation, and threat to the stability of the world. From racist, xenophobic, misogynistic rantings, and his disrespect for disabled people, the press, and Gold Star families…he has risen as a voice encouraging the underbelly of hatred in our country to rise to alarming levels of vociferous White Supremacy and Eurocentric Entitlement heretofore unseen for decades.

His grasp of the gravity and heavy responsibility ties of the office he intends to fill is non-existent. This is a man who has shanghaied our political system, bamboozled those who are feeling disenfranchised into seeing his pampered lifestyle as insignificant, presenting himself as a “man of the people.” The only people he appears to represent are the same wealthy bankers who cast our economy into the wastebin of their own greed, and cost the American People trillions of hard-earned dollars.

Trump’s nominees for Cabinet positions, and advisors with whom he surrounds himself range from laughable (Carson), to straight out dangerous (Bannon, Giuliani). When the “Alt-Right” (White Supremacists – KKK and Nazis) applaud Trump…we can only remember the refrain…”the enemy of my enemy is my friend – and the friends of my enemies are my enemies.”

Our very security is imperaled by a man who is being given immense powers and the nuclear codes…the same man who can’t contain his adolescent rantings on Twitter. A man who speaks, or Tweets without any thought as to the consequences. He cannot be given the power to destroy our planet! To categorize Climate Change as “an expensive hoax” while the world chokes on fossil-fuel driven energy (much of our creation)…just because it is inconvenient to those with vested interests in such sources is a clarion call to shut him down.
Our very Constitution is being placed at risk by a man who has undoubtably never read it. Our only hope as a nation is to trust that the Founders, and Constitutional Framers of our great nation anticipated the possibility of a populist movement running away with common sense.

We the People voted overwhelmingly for another candidate. You…our Electors, have the power to stop this runaway train from dismantling everything we stand for: equality, freedom, and justice…FOR ALL! Please, please, please…stand up to place Hamilton’s faith in our democratic principles to the test by withdrawing all support for Donald Trump!
Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and respect the role you serve in our electoral process.

Suzanne Ross
[email protected]

Gil isn’t alone. Electors all over the country are getting e-mails like this.

Another Louisiana elector, Garrett Monti from Luling, said this morning he’s now up to 36,338 e-mails received. Here was one…

My name is Jessica Bissonnette from Norwood, MA.

I am struggling with acceptance for the 2016 election. I struggle with the fact that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America. Even writing that makes my stomach roll with nausea. Everyone in a ‘blue state’ knows why I feel that way. People in a ‘red state’ have, *in their deep welling PAIN for a better life, cruelty to ALL ‘others’ not ‘like’ them, fuck-you attitude for politicians and inability to realize that Donald Trump will NEVER help anyone but himself * no idea what they have done. He will NOT save the coal miners, will NOT help manufacturing, or farmers or even white middle-aged men. He WILL line his own pockets as he makes policy choice that only benefit him and other corporate CEO’S. Those Americans screaming for attention from us ‘liberals’ in the cities of the USA have doomed us all to a narcissistic wanna-be fascist. If you don’t know what a fascist is you hella’ should have looked it up before voting for Donald Trump. I’m terrified on a fundamental level of Trump getting ‘revenge on his enemies’. And he has SO many. This I am putting my money where my ‘educated white liberal’ mouth is. Every week I am donating a small amount of $ to any person, group or charity that Donald Trump hurts, abuses or bullies. I will do so until he leaves office the week of January 15, 2021. This I promise, I will NOT lie down and accept his verbal spewing of garbage against other American citizens. I WILL NOT. Money is the only thing that Donald Trump worships. It is the only entity that he believes in and he will blackmail, steal and use force to attain it . . . which he has done for decades now.I am also going to Washington DC on January 21, 2017 to protest. This will be the test of our GenX generation. And if you choose to keep your heads down just because you can’t deal or you live in a ‘safe’ blue state, just hold onto your panties people, Trump and his posse is going to take away your civil liberties soon enough. Hitler was an elected official as well and if you don’t think this is going to harm you and your loved ones, the German citizenry didn’t either. Democrats can’t save you, Republicans won’t. They knew they were in a moral and ethical quagmire months ago. Why do you suppose they didn’t immediately denounce his verbal poison?!? Because they heard their contingency SCREAMING for chaos. Well this is it. Anarchy on a global level. Americans have elected a ‘Tea Party’ President and you can pray to God for ‘help’ but you damn well better step up and help HIM because it’s our duty as sane, moral and ethical AMERICANS to stop what is to come . . .

Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and respect the role you serve in our electoral process.

Needless to say, these people have turned service as an elector into a nightmare of inconvenience. This campaign of harassment of electors might just be the most obnoxious thing the Democrats have ever done – and it makes whatever abuses Trump may heap upon them during his time in office all that much less problematic for the rest of us – even those of us who’ve never been particularly sold on The Donald as a presidential hopeful.

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