The Patriots-Roger Goodell Jokes Are Starting To Pile Up, And This Might Be The Best Of ‘Em

If you watched the post-game after the Super Bowl, you saw a couple of things the NFL prolly didn’t want you to see.

First, hilariously, was all the Patriots linin’ up to “kiss this MF’er” when they were passin’ the Lombardi Trophy up to the podium for the ceremony. An’ whoever was in the truck for Fox mighta had too many, because there were a good six or seven “MF’ers” goin’ out on broadcast TV before anybody thought to yank the audio from down on the field.

And then was the show that was even better than the game, and the game was good. That was the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who pretty much everybody seems to agree sucks at his job, presenting the trophy to the Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft. An’ Goodell did so under a torrent of verbal abuse from all the Patriots fans who remember Deflategate, and how stupid the suspension of Tom Brady was. The booing was so loud you’d think you were in Yankee Stadium. And when Goodell finally got done with his little speech and turned it over to Kraft, the champion owner popped off with a little speech of his own that was one big giant middle finder to Goodell – Kraft talked about all the Super Bowls New England has won since he bought the team an’ then said this one was the sweetest of the bunch because of Goodell and that suspension. Not in so many words, mind you, but it was unmistakable.

Which all the Patriots fans are giddy about. Seems like they’re even giddier about that than winnin’ the game.

Which is why you have this, which is Boston culture more or less to a T. Remember that “Do you like apples” scene from Good Will Hunting, which is a pretty quintessential Boston movie? Well, picture it with Tom Brady as Matt Damon…

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