DUMB BILL OF THE WEEK: State Rep Says No Uzis For Kids

The latest installment of our feature exposing the dumb bills filed by members of the Louisiana Legislature takes us to Shreveport. State Rep. Barbara Norton (D-Shreveport) is back with another bill prohibiting kids from firing an Uzi submachine gun.

HB 67 would punish anyone who allows a child under the age of 12 with up to 6 months in jail or a fine of up to $5,000. The restrictions will only apply to the Uzi submachine, not any other machine gun. That means your child can still fire an AK-47 or even a .50 machine gun with no penalties at all. I’m sure you see why this is a dumb bill.

Either outlaw children from firing machine guns or let parents and range instructors use common sense. We do not need the state to play mommy and daddy for everyone in Louisiana. This state government can’t even do the basic things right, it will surely fail at that.

This bill didn’t even get out of committee last year and we’re sure this bill will suffer the same fate this year.


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