OOPS: Edwards Calls Gender Pay Gap “Outrage,” But Pays Women $12,000 Less Than Men

John Bel Edwards wants everyone to know that the gender pay gap in state salaries is atrocious. He called it an outrage. He even held a summit about it, which is apparently some sort of old-school hashtag activism. I dunno how it works, but he must have thought it would do something.

Of course, it would also help if he practiced what he preached. Via the Washington Free Beacon:

Edwards has spent the past year pushing for a state gender discrimination law. Earlier this month, Edwards and his wife held an “Equal Pay Summit” after Louisiana ranked last in Bloomberg’s gender-equality ratings.

Salary data obtained through Louisiana’s Department of State Civil Service, however, shows that Edwards has his own gender pay gap, as women working in his office make just 82 cents for each dollar earned by men.

The analysis found that the median salary of the 43 women working in Edwards’ office is $55,000, which is $12,000 less than the median salary of $67,000 earned by the 23 men employed there.

If calculated using average salary the pay difference expands to $21,712, with women earning an average salary of $63,043 and men earning an average salary of $84,755.

Yikes, Governor. Maybe less summit-ing and more righting the wrongs of the patriarchal pay inequalities in your own office? Goodness.



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