VIDEO: Did You See Chris Nakamoto’s Takedown Of That Crook Tasha Clark Amar Who Runs The BR Council On Aging?

Back when the laughable monster tax to prop up this crime syndicate posing as a quasi-governmental organization was on the fall ballot, we took our readers through the Baton Rouge Council on Aging and what it actually is.

So that’s what you’re paying for if you’re stupid enough to give these people double their budget in a dedicated property tax. You do that and you’ll be providing a fat, sweaty wad of cash to Tasha Clark Amar, the lady pictured at the top of this post. She’s the CEO of the East Baton Rouge Council on Aging and the person who can’t make a profit off bingo or provide meals on wheels in a town full of food trucks on a budget of $3.67 million per year.

But like P.T. Barnum said, there’s a sucker born every minute. Who knows? We might have a majority of suckers in this parish. We’ll find out in two weeks.

We didn’t do as thorough a job, apparently, or not enough people paid attention. Because the voters in East Baton Rouge Parish, in a collective paroxysm of stupidity, passed an $8 million levy to fund what might well be the most crooked and racist organization in town.

And now, the egg is on every face in the parish. Because WBRZ’s Chris Nakamoto just put out an investigative report on Tasha Clark Amar, the woman who heads the Council on Aging in Baton Rouge and ran it into the ground before getting that manna from the voters in the fall, and Nakamoto’s piece is devastating.

Tasha Clark Amar is the daughter of 19th Judicial District Court judge Janice Clark. There are lots of stories bouncing around about Clark Amar’s management of the Council on Aging, and specifically that she’s systematically eliminated all the white employees there through various means.

But if you live in Baton Rouge, be of good cheer. Your tax dollars are hard at work providing seniors with new wills and trustee work for a small fee to their families once they die. We’re not sure what other services are being provided, and if you ask that question you’ll catch attitude, but hey – it’s only $8 million a year. And you voted for it, after all!

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