Barry Ivey Is Back With His Constitutional Carry Bill

Last year, State Rep. Barry Ivey couldn’t get a single yes vote for “constitutional carry”. This year, he’s back with HB68 which would allow Louisiana residents who could legally own firearms to carry them concealed without a permit.

From the Louisiana Radio Network:

Baton Rouge Representative Barry Ivey is once again bringing back his proposal to the legislature that would allow non-felons over the age of 21 to carry a concealed gun without a permit. He says the Constitution guarantees our right to carry guns, and it doesn’t dictate how they should be carried.

“I believe that our Founding Fathers established more common sense practices, and if you choose to concealed carry or open carry, it should be your right to choose,” Ivey said.

This is the third time Ivey has proposed similar legislation. Opponents say the bill would eliminate certain safeguards. For instance, to receive a permit to carry a concealed firearm, a resident must take a safety course. But Ivey argues gun owners should always be responsible, no matter how they possess a firearm.

“If you are not comfortable carrying a firearm because you aren’t trained, it doesn’t matter if you open carry or not. If you’re uncomfortable, then you should be responsible and not carry until you’ve had the proper training,” Ivey said.

In the past, Ivey has made the point that “open carry” is already legal in Louisiana. The definition of “concealed carry” is simply if a jacket goes over the pistol. Ivey asks, with a good point, that why should a permit be required.

Ivey has a much better chance of passing constitutional carry than he did last year. For starters, more states have already gone ahead and passed it and it has not contributed to higher gun crime rates. Plus the gun rights movement is more focus on the issue than it has been in the past.

The past couple of times, Ivey’s bill has not come out of committee.



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