BATISTE: Mitch’s Firefighters Engulfed In Monument Removal Flames

As each day passes following the cowardly night moves of Mitch Landrieu, the Mayor’s secret plan gets revealed.  On the surface, a Mayor misused city employees and attempted to conceal this from the public. Landrieu has tried to conceal the contractors, the equipment, vehicles used, and his henchmen. It may not be known now, but it’s only a matter of time.  And the pieces keep coming together and the jigsaw puzzle is starting to make sense.

The New Orleans Firefighter’s Union President Nick Felton crawled out from under the rock he was hiding on Wednesday, a rare position for a man who routinely calls press conferences over minor grievances. Felton spoke with reporters about the misuse of New Orleans Firefighters.

Felton admitted Firefighters helped execute Landrieu’s clandestine plot.  The Firefighters underwent training to remove the monuments.  Evidence shows that they must have felt so comfortable that several removed their masks.  Felton told reporters it was only a “handful” of Firefighters, although The Hayride’s sources say the real number is believed to be 12.

In hindsight, Jeff Adelson of The Advocate did a remarkable job on his reporting of the Liberty removal.  In a matter of days, a few of his comments now tell so much.

One man opposed to removing the monuments told others in his group “we’ll find out who they are.”

At one point, city officials called to criticize a TV station for taking video that they said was zoomed in too close and could reveal the workers’ identities.

The fact that Firefighters, and not just rank and file, but higher-ups, were the ones removing the historic monument now explains why the Mayor’s press person Tyronne Walker was so worried about protecting the workers’ identities.

Lucky for The Hayride and New Orleans taxpayers, and unlucky for Landrieu, Ryan Berni, Walker, and Tim McConnell, the internet wins once again sourcing a series of unmasked NOFD rank and file.

Of course the NOFD Chief himself was on scene directing his Platoon 3 personnel.

“I saw those pictures too,” Felton told reporters about the pictures comparing McConnell in uniform to a Liberty worker in mask. “Surely looked like him to me though.”

Is it legal for McConnell to moonlight as a contractor using city equipment and city employees?  It’s deliciously ironic that Chief McConnell wore a mask as he has puffed his chest out about bravery in the past in regard to the rank and file he oversees.  In July of last year, Union leader Felton asked the Fire Chief to call off door to door fire alarm installations after the Baton Rouge police sabotage.

“We have not had any credible threats, and they don’t cause me alarm to be afraid of the citizens in our community,” McConnell said.  Which now points out his hypocrisy when he attempted to hide his identity to carry out an ultra controversial job which he agreed to take.

The first removal was at night as Mitch explained, to “make sure that everybody that’s involved in this is safe and secure.”

If safety truly was the number one concern, why did Mitch throw the NOFD in to the line of fire?

Has anyone seen Tim McConnell since he orchestrated the monument removal?

Will the news media continue to go after Chief McConnell, a taxpayer funded employee now in hiding?

Does New Orleans still have an Inspector General?

When will the new Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney come to clean up this mess?

With Mitch’s plan full of cracks itself, are the big gun reporters in New Orleans even trying to take on Lying Landrieu and his team of flacks?

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