Really, Mitch? This Is What You Destroyed The Beauregard Monument For?

Here’s an image from today at the site of the Beauregard Monument at the entrance to City Park in New Orleans…

Since they broke the base of the monument taking the statue off the top, there was a sinfully ugly scar on it which had been photographed extensively yesterday…

So the answer was to put up some plywood, while arresting the monument supporters who spray-painted Beauregard’s name and “CSA” on the side of the base to mark what had been there and stashing the statue in a motor pool yard next to a trash pile in the worst part of town. Which was, as we all know, contrary to Landrieu’s lies about the reverence with which he would treat the trophies of his bowdlerization campaign.

We’re not even sure what to say about this, it’s such an insane example of misgovernance. All we really have at this point is humor.

For example, it’s not true that Landrieu has already replaced the Beauregard monument as you can see. This was just a rumor…

And it’s also merely a rumor that Landrieu was spotted among the ISIS vandals at Palmyra…

Passed along to us by a reader…

Posted by The Hayride on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Things are about to get worse. The same sources which correctly alerted us to the impending demise of the Beauregard monument Tuesday night are now saying that the Robert E. Lee statue at Lee Circle is going to be removed on Friday.

And the word is that the statue will be removed, leaving an empty pedestal.

We don’t want to predict there will be trouble on Friday, but this would certainly be a climactic moment of sorts and tensions have never run higher. It’s the kind of environment in which something terrible might happen.

And if the masked men Landrieu has used to remove the previous three monuments do the same half-assed, incompetent, sloppy job on the Lee monument that then did in removing the Beauregard monument, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if the environment in New Orleans deteriorates in a way nobody wants.

As we noted yesterday, it’s already past time for the people who revere or at least recognize some value in the history and heritage of the region to re-think whether New Orleans has value as an economic entity worth their investment. Depending on whether Landrieu turns Lee Circle into the eyesore he has made of the Beauregard monument, those discussions could and should increase in volume.

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